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Found 11 results

  1. Can I transfer a condition to a model I daze with an attack to trigger Strucker's leadership and heal? Can I transfer a condition to a model I K.O. with an attack to trigger Strucker's leadership and heal?
  2. Baron Strucker's leadership allows a character to be healed 1 each turn while fulfilling the conditions. Can a character be healed multiple times per round? Additionally team tactics cards like trip up note two characters paying power to apply two conditions. Can you divide up who is applying which condition is being applied by which character? Can they unevenly distributed between the two? I have more follow up questions depending on the answer of this. Thank you! B
  3. If I have two characters that pay for trip up while under Baron Strucker's leadership if the attack is successful will both characters get benefit of Strucker's leadership?
  4. There has been some confusion over this leadership and if they can heal more then one damage depending on how the conditions are distributed. Example, strucker's poison ability puts out multiple poison conditions on multiple characters if that heals more then one damage or the other example is arnim zola's prototype weapon can give out multiple different conditions would that heal more then one
  5. For the first part of Baron Strucker's leadership, if the attack does enough damage to daze or KO the enemy character can I still transfer one of the attacking character's special conditions to the enemy character? Or does the dazed happen first and prevent the application of the special condition?
  6. Does this leadership allow you to use judgement and the accuser and keep Ronan alive?
  7. Does Barron Strucker's leadership trigger if you attack an enemy which already has the condition? If you have bleed and I shoot you with a character that causes bleed, do I still heal 1 damage
  8. I just wanted to clear up something. If Ronan is being run under Baron Strucker’s leadership, “Hydra high council”, and is attacked, leading to a daze. When he chooses to use “accuser” and uses his “universal weapon” attack dealing a damage and placing a shock condition on the character, does he get to heal one damage from this? If he does heal would he still be dazed?
  9. If Crystal plays the card Elemental Infusion under Baron Strucker's leadership and an allied character deals damage to an enemy character while the card is active, is the source of the condition the tactics card for the purposes of determining if the character gets to heal 1 damage?
  10. Hi, Question on Struckers leadership, if its not already been asked. "Choose one special condition the allied character has. If the enemy character does not have the chosen special condition, it gains it and then allied attacking character loses that special condition" Is the enemy character gaining said special condition a prerequisite of allied character losing it? E.G I target Voodoo with an attack, deal a damage, choose incinerate, Voodoo is immune so cant gain, but does my character still lose their incinerate? Thanks!
  11. I'm curious gow the Hydra High Council leadership will interact with Omega Reds Death spore power. If you have not triggered the leadership that turn and you end Reds movement within 2 to trigger death spore, would that poison count towards the leadership trigger to heal. Also Vise versa, if an enemy ends their activation within 2 of red and gets poison, can that trigger the leadership if it hasn't already been used that turn?
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