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Found 11 results

  1. It's been suggested to me that infinity gems are team tactics cards. Since infinity gems aren't mentioned in the Building A Roster section on page 9 of the online rulebook, or anywhere else I could find in that document, except their own section in the appendices, and look pretty much identical to team tactics cards, I'm having a difficult time refuting that assertion. Can anyone cite a portion of the rulebook that defines infinity gems and team tactics cards as different or otherwise resolves this issue?
  2. Quick question: Do you attach gems to characters as part of your 15 before the recruitment phase, or are they handled differently?
  3. I am a little confused by how Infinity Gems work in rosters. I'm hoping to get some clarification. The rules for building a roster are on page 9, and it says a roster consists of three categories; Team Members (being 10 characters), Team Tactics Cards and Crisis Card. Appendix C talks about Infinity Gems. It says: To include Infinity Gems in your squad, you must first include them in your roster. When a character that can take an Infinity Gem is included in your roster it may take an Infinity Gem. If it does, increase its Threat Value by the amount listed on the Infinity Gem’s card. When you include an infinity gem and include it in your roster: Is that taking up a slot instead of a Team Member - ie. 9 characters and an Infinity Gem; or When you pick a Team Member (such as Ronan) do you make a decision at that time whether he would have an Infinity Gem or not - ie. 10 characters, one of which is Ronan with the power gem. If it is the second, does that mean that any time you played Ronan from that roster, he must have the power gem? Thanks!
  4. How does the interaction between Doctor Voodoo's Possession work with the new Infinity Gem Threat Level? Example: 6 Threat Thanos Base + two 1 cost gems. Does possess cost 6 or 8 power to use here?
  5. Since you can have multiple Alter egos in a squad list, and gems have to be attached to a character, can you build a Black order list with Multiple Thanos/Corvus/Maw with different Gem layouts? ( I understand you could still only take one of each person in the game) Thanks for your time.
  6. Mr Sinister is in play, and has played Cloning Banks. Corvus Glaive with the Reality Gem is in the roster, but not in play. How many Genetic Sample tokens does Mr Sinister need in his Cloning Banks to bring in Corvus? With or without the Gem? How does it work now with Gems attached at roster building? Thanks!
  7. good afternoon ask if gems have to have line of sight, let me explain the gem of the mind can move a character, need line of sight?
  8. Hello, in case I ask: When thanos wears 2 infinity gems, if one of them is the Power gem, it is said that this character gains 2 powers to have a gem, if there are two: 1 / Thanos recovers 2 energy (power gem) + 1 energy (for the other gem)? therefore 3. 2 / Or 2 energy + 2 energy for each gem (thanks to the gem of power)? therefore 4. (I think he gets 3 thanks to the gems, but since the power doesn't specify it, and it is a continuous power, I wanted to know) Thank you 🙂
  9. Can Dr. Strange use both Time and Soul Gems at the time?
  10. Can the tactic card be used to pull a gem from the roster and put it on a gem wielder?
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