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Found 18 results

  1. When a character like Beast, Shuri, Doctor Octopus, etc roll dice on an objective (origin bombs, skrulls, SWORD consoles), are they the character rolling dice and then gain power if they roll their trigger (blank, skull, crits)? Additionally, can Heimdall use All-Seeing Eye to help those characters reroll dice when rolling on said objectives? When is a character rolling the dice on a crisis card? lots of layers here thank you!!
  2. Does heimdalls re roll work on crises like deadly meteors, and alien ship which allow to roll dice to claim those objectives ? My interpretation is yes just due to the fact that the character is rolling the dice and heimdall is within 3.
  3. A very noob question: in the rulebook it says that one character may use superpowers or interact with objectives AFTER having made its two actions. Do I understand this correctly? So for example I cannot move, interact with objective, move again. Or move, use active power, attack. The rule book is misleading... Thank you
  4. How many times can an individual character interact with an individual dark portal token each time they activate? Is it once overall or once per individual token?
  5. Are you allowed to interact in-between the attacks and the added moves that come as a part of the action? Or, must you complete the entire action before interacting? Thanks!
  6. Does mystique interact(objective token) abiiity costs 1 power to use like any other interact action?
  7. I apologize if this question has been answered before but when interacting with a token are you limited to one interaction with that token type (ergo you can only interact with one secure and one extraction token from each crisis). Or does it mean that you can only interact with a token 1 time each turn (for example a character that is carrying 2 hammers is dazed, would a single character be able to pick up both hammers or can they only pick up one of them?) so a character can interact with every token on the board, but can only do so once. I apologize again if this has been answered but I wanted to make sure we were doing this correctly or not.
  8. Character attacks with an attack that allows the character to move/advance medium after the attack is resolved. When damage is dealt during this attack, the target would daze. Target character is holding an asset / citizen. Can the attacking character interact to pick up the dropped token before or after the medium move?
  9. Can Quicksilver interact with an objective that doesn't accomplish anything at all in order to fulfill Difficult to Please? For example, can he interact with an Extremis Console if there are no non-dazed characters within range 2 of that console who have damage to remove?
  10. Hi. If i have an character of Size 2, that is within range 1 of an token, but the token is placed on a terrain that is Size 3 or larger, does that character can interact with that token, and does it count in a contesting and securing this token?
  11. Does Toad need to pay the extra power cost if he is taking them off some one who has one of the cure tokens? So using his 2 power ability does he have to pay, 3 for the second, four for the third? Or Is it just two per token transferred?
  12. Can Quicksilver interact with a secure objective like Spider Portal that your team already controls to set up Difficult to Please?
  13. Scenario 1: Character is within Range 1 of 2 or more, of the same, asset token. Does the character spend; 1 to interact and pickup all of the extracts in range or 1 power per asset token in range? Scenario 2: Character is within Range 1 of 2 Cosmic Cube Fragments, and 1 Chimichanga. Does the character spend; 1 to interact and pickup all 3 of the Tokens or 2 power to pick up the 3 tokens (1 for each asset name) or 3 power to pick up the three tokens? (1 for each token picked up)
  14. Hi This was posed at our last game. Can a character, lets say with L movement but only half of that is to the extract objective, move along the L line half way to be within 1 of the objective then use the interact to pay the power and pick up the objective and then keep on moving for the remainder of their L movement? That is, can a character move, pick up an objective and then keep on moving in the same action if there is enough movement left? My take was that it cannot. Character must spend move action and where its model ends completes that move action. Then if its within 1 of an extraction objective it can pay power to pick it up. Then if it still has an action left it can use it to move again. Regards
  15. With regards to he prehensile tongue, Toad can interact with objectives within 2. By interacting does that also assume that he can contest objectives within 2 rather than range 1? Regards
  16. Can a character interact / secure / contest a objective token which is on a terrain feature when the character is not on the same terrain feature as the token?
  17. The second part of Mystique's leadership ability allows allies to make a special interact action with secures, which places a token that allows you to secure the objective without contesting. My question is what happens regarding this token when Mystique is KO'd and removed from the board? Does the token get removed or does it remain?
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