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Found 9 results

  1. Hello! Got a few questions for this topic: 1) If my unit already activated on a turn, but gains an immobilize token, that token is kept until my unit next activation in the next round? 2) Lets say that I use guidance on an already activated unit with a face down token, I choose to move the unit, the speed at which it moves is reduced because of the immobilize token it has, but does the immobilize token can be retired after the guidance free action, considering it is a new activation in the same round? 3) Same questions 1 and 2 regarding ion tokens. 4) Can the speed of a unit be reduced to 0 with immobilize tokens? Thank's a lot!
  2. For clarity, as the ion rules have changed several times recently: If a ship assigns a dial in the planning phase, and then becomes ionized before its activation (e.g. by means of a Conner Net), does that ship execute an ion maneuver when it activates?
  3. Hello, Fairly niche question here: Can Anakin Skywalker (Naboo N-1 Starfighter) use his ability while ionized? - The barrel roll is not an ACTION - The ability triggers from “before you reveal your MANEUVER”, not your DIAL. We now select a maneuver while ionized, and the stated prohibition from triggering abilities is based on revealing the DIAL. “• Ships cannot use abilities that trigger from an ionized ship revealing its DIAL” (emphasis added) Does revealing a dial = or =/= revealing a maneuver? Thanks!
  4. Hello A unit of snow troopers equipped with T-7 Ion and EMP "droid poppers" shoot at droid/vehicle unit in range 1 with both Ion gun and grenades - attack pool gets Ion 2? Does not matter how many granades they use the attack pool still gets Ion 1 from it but they use other weapon with this keyword so does it stack? If it does then is the Defending unit after being wounded/damaged gaining 2 Ion tokens or it gains 1 for every wound taken up to 2? Thanks Winlock
  5. Example - sabre tank has one ion token, through padmes exemplar it gets to use her standby token, as a unit of B1’s stumble into range 2 of it. Can it use the standby to shoot anything in range or because of the ion token is it unable to use the standby from padme? If it can’t use it for an action can it “use” it and then lose the ion token (I doubt this as ion token says after a units activation but you never know)
  6. An Ion Torpedo attack is performed against a reinforced ship (reinforce is in effect). There are 2 hits more than evades. What is the outcome of the attack if: (a) Reinforced ship's controller is the first player (b) Reinforced ship's controller is the second player
  7. If a droid trooper has 2 ion on it, and is Panicked, does it run towards board edge?
  8. I was playing a game and this situation occured: I have a unit of pathfinders with Bistan on standby. The LAAT\le moves into the pathfinders standby range. Pathfinders activate and fire on the LAAT\le and score a wound using Bistans ION weapon. This means that the LAAT\le will acquire an ION token. However according to the rules the ION token will drop off at the end of the LAAT\le activation, meaning the ION token does nothing and does not stick around. Is this the correct way that ION would work in this situation, or should the ION token stick around until the LAAT\le next activation and then drop off?
  9. Looking at the RRG, there are two conflicting timings listed for when Ion X affects shield tokens. Under the Ion X keyword: Under the Shield Tokens entry: I assume the entry under shield tokens is correct, otherwise they could be spent before Ion X takes effect. But it would be great to get clarification.
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