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Found 7 results

  1. Hello, something came up last night and I was hoping to check with yourselves. Captain America (in this case Sam) is within r2 of storm using xmen gold leadership. Ironman is within r4 of captain A but NOT within R2 of storm. During ironman's turn he and Captain A use ricochet blast targeting storm. Does storm get cover or not? What we considered: Does she get cover because Ironman is the attacker who isn't within r2? Does she not get cover because range and line of sight are measured from Captain A who is within R2? We played the former with storm getting cover but thought it was an interesting one. Many thanks in advance
  2. This thread: States that either Iron Man or Iron Man (Hulkbuster) can play the card Ricochet Blast which requires an Iron Man character. However, I've been told (couldn't find a thread on it specifically) that Wong's Servant of the Sorcerer Supreme only works when he's near the original Doctor Strange and would not work with Doctor Strange, Sorcerer Supreme. So first question, is it true that Wong's ability only works with the current Doctor Strange and not supreme? Does this mean that parentheticals in a character name are ignored when looking at rules that refer to a character by name? Would Wong's ability work if there was a Doctor Strange (Sorcerer Supreme) model created later?
  3. Good evening 1 / A super power like that of IronMan "IA Friday" where it is not specified "once per turn" can I spend 6 energy to have 4 dice (or 9 energies for 6 more dice) for my next attack ...? Total: 9 attack dice, how cool is it 🙂 or not? 2 / A / A super power like that of Crossbones "Inured to pain" where it is not specified "once per turn" can I do it each time I take damage as long as I have Energy ? B / and can I avoid a collision damage with it? Can I avoid taking 1 damage from an attack that does 1 damage? Thank you 🙂
  4. Hello, when I play the "Ricochet Blast" tactical team card: 1 / does Iron man win the attack for the rest of the game, and will be able to perform this attack when captain is at a good distance each time 2 / so can I perform the attack later once or more times? (I play the card at the beginning, I can now launch this attack for iron man when I want, later) or 3 / no. Once the card is played, immediately perform the attack once the card is discarded. Thank you for your answers :)
  5. Hi I'm new to Marvel crisis protocol. I had a question about Iron Man's homing rockets that the rule book couldn't answer for me. With the explosive wild card part of his attack, does it trigger for each wild card you roll or just once? Example, say I rolled a hit and 2 wild cards, would explosive trigger twice?
  6. I played Thanos recently and my friends and I are unsure how to use his "being of immeasurable power" ability. It is clearly worded differently than that of Iron Man's "Invincible Iron Man" ability which makes me think its purpose is supposed to be as well. One reduces damage while the other is "damage from enemy effects". We are stuck on what actual damage is created from "enemy effects" as there doesn't seem to be much info outside of being thrown. Video battle reports I've seen for the most part play it as all damage in general being applied to Thanos. Thanks in advance for the help.
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