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Found 16 results

  1. Question on Juggs slide - it states “A character can be damaged by this superpower only once per turn” This could be read two ways. 1. Each character can only be damaged by this superpower once per turn. 2. A singular character may be damaged by this superpower once per turn. Which is correct?
  2. Nothing Stops the Juggernaut says the contacted character takes one damage, and "then this character stops as normal." Does this mean that if he collides with, say, Rocket who has two power, Rocket will take the damage and gain the power before the movement ends and then be able to use Booby Traps afterwards?
  3. Hi, I was wondering since "Nothing Stops the Juggernaut" doesn't stop it's push movement if it contacts a size 3 or smaller terrain feature. The wording to me is a single piece of terrain and I'm wondering would the push destroy multiple pieces of terrain if it was size 3 or smaller? Thank you!
  4. If my Juggernaut uses to actions to move (so move+move) does he get 4 Powers (2 powers for each of his movement) or only 2 Powers? The super power says it can only be used once a turn, but I wonder if it is about the added dice or to the whole super power.
  5. Can models like Kingpin, Crossbones, and Juggernaut who can pay to reduce damage taken reduce the damage of tactics cards like No Matter the Cost or Dark Empowerment where they have chosen to take the damage as part of the card's cost?
  6. I'm a little confused how the helmet power works, I've gotten multiple answers so for clarification, it states he cannot be pushed or advanced by enemy mystic attacks and enemy superpowers. My question is on the superpower aspect. Does that only apply to superpowers that push of advance him, or all superpowers, so basically can he be thrown by something like The Danvers Special?
  7. Would Juggernaut have to pay the super power tax due to the root condition or loki when he hits the rush trigger on im the juggernaut
  8. Good morning, I am inquiring about the tactic card and specifically dealing with the strike part of the card. Normally when superhero abilities or tactical cards like bodyguard cause someone to be targeted by an attack, the attack ignores line of sight and range. I'm wondering if this tactic card allows juggernaut to make a strike even when not in range to normally do so. Or is this tactic card a worded up version of charge?
  9. When Juggernaut uses the nothing stops the Juggernaut superpower does it trigger unstoppable momentum? Secondly, if this is the case does Juggernaut trigger unstoppable momentum after every move action during his activation? For example, Juggernaut starts his activation with 3 power, pays 3 power for nothing stops the Juggernaut pushes short and gains 2 power from unstoppable momentum, he also contacts a terrain feature of size 1 and Magneto allocates 1 power to Juggernaut from his leadership ability bringing him back to 3 power (1 from Magneto and 2 from unstoppable momentum). He then pays 3 power to use nothing stops the Juggernaut for a second time pushes short and gains 2 power for the second triggering of unstoppable momentum.
  10. If Juggernaut is targeted with an attack (step 2a I think) and Venom resolves Lethal protector (2d) and “becomes” the target can Juggernaut then play making a ruckus for the S advance with a strike attack?
  11. When the Juggernaut activates this power and is pushed Short/Small, does he gain additional pushes beyond the first as long as he contacts a piece of terrain size 3 or less or does the power only grant a single short push? I've seen it played this way and I just want to verify that it's correct.
  12. Unlike Iron Mans power "Invincible Iron Man', 'Nice Punch; has a power cost of 1, can you pay the cost multiple times, or are you limited to reducing each attacks damage by only 1?
  13. if Juggs uses unstoppable momentum but does not move despite using a move action does he generate power and extra dice?
  14. Juggernaut spends to use Nothing Stops the Juggernaut, or triggers it off I'm the Juggernaut, and resolves his push towards and stopping at contact with Kingpin. Does Solid Frame mitigate the damage from Nothing Stops the Juggernaut?
  15. If Jugg is on top of a terrain and uses his "nothing stops the juggernaut" would he "contact" the terrain hes on top of, thus destroying it?
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