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Found 6 results

  1. So we had an incident at our tournament this past weekend where it was the end of round 6. One opponent just had Iron Fist left outside of range 2 of Gamma Shelters at just 1 health from being knocked out. However he was up on points at 14 to the opponents 7. He would score nothing so he would stay at 14. However, he would still have more points than his opponent even after scoring points for round 6. I ruled it that the cleanup phase would have to finish so his Iron Fist would K.O. before checking that the round was over, giving the game to his opponent. If he would have been at 16+ points it would be the other way around. Was I correct with this ruling?
  2. Hey all, going to play my second game of Crisis Protocol today and wanted some advice/clarifications First, about affiliations, I understand you must have at more than half your force under an affiliation to use the leadership ability. For example, if your wanting to use Captain America’s “A day unlike any other” Avengers leadership ability on a five man squad, at least three of them need to be Avengers. The confusion is what about the “odd men out”? If the remaining two of the squad are say, Crossbones and Ultron, they don’t benefit from Cap’s leadership ability right? Rationally I would think they don’t, but I have seen blogs elsewhere on the net that say they do. Second question is simple.....is there any difference in the game between wall crawling and flight? and lastly, slight confusion on what “dazed” and “ ko’d” mean....I think “dazed” means losing all your health on your healthy side, becom8ng “injured”...and ko’d means losing all your injured Hit points? (Dead)
  3. So wolverine attacks Maw who has 1 up with his spender attack. I place wolverine then the attack kills maw. Lockjaw life saves maw. Since he isn’t considered dazed anymore and wolverines throw says after the attack is resolved I can throw. So lockjaws timing would go then I could technically throw maw insta killing do to collision. Am I correct in this timing
  4. In this scenario both Shehulk and Thanos are dazed on the same round. During the Clean up phase, both Shehulk and Thanos are dazed and will flip to their injured side. Shehulk, according to her "Gamma Transfusion" innate super power, will be KO'd instead of flipping. This would normally allow Thanos to score VPs from his "Death's Decree" Leadership (Healthy side). However, It appears as though all character's flip to their injured side simultaneously during Clean up Phase Step 4, and thus Thanos would lose access to his healthy leadership at the same time as Shehulk would KO, resulting in his controller not being able to score a VP from the KO. Is this the correct interpretation, or is there a step where Thanos can claim the VP phase before flipping and losing his healthy leadership in the clean up? Thanks!
  5. If you use an attack that says, "After this attack is resolved, place this character within 1 of the target." and the attack dazes your target, can you still place yourself within 1 of the dazed target?
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