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Found 10 results

  1. Hello, a quick question, can I add 3 dice to Kraven's Spear Thrust against another target that is not a target that was already a victim of the Kukri Strike? clarifying that its first and second action would be used, respectively, and in the same activation Thanks.
  2. If I use the TTC "Winter Rush", and use the ability to advance a friendly model "S", that character may take damage if the ability "Corner the Beast" is present on them. My question is twofold: 1. Will the damage taken from "Corner the Beast", trigger the Winter Rush ability a second time? 2. If so, is Kraven considered the "enemy model" who caused the damage from "Corner to beast", and the second trigger must be "towards" Kraven, rather than the active character who caused the initial damage? I think I know the answer, but worth asking regardless. Cheers, Horeath
  3. If Kraven the Hunter uses his Corner the Beast power on an enemy character and then that enemy character is dazed before their next activation, would they lose this enemy effect in the clean up phase or does this stay on for his activation in the next round. As clean up states remove damage and special conditions (this being an enemy effect and not a special condition) I would assume it stays on but wanted to confirm to be certain?
  4. Since there was a previous question about this interaction, should everyone read kravens spear thrust as if, “If this character has already attacked the target character during THIS activation this turn with a kukri strike…”? Because if kraven attacks with kukri strike then a spear thrust and all you gots, the following two kukri strikes this turn would satisfy the text box if they too are into the same target…. I don’t see how the previous ruling was ruled that way based on the current wording on the card… sorry if im being pedantic!
  5. If expert tracker and corner the beast are used during Kraven’s activation, do they stay in play if he is dazed or KO’d later in the round? Also, can these abilities only target one character per round, or can they be used multiple times? The card doesn’t specify, but as there is only one token for each, I assume only one character can be affected by each ability.
  6. Is it possible to stack both Kravens and Lockjaws Interdimentional Bloodhound and Expert Tracker? I would assume so since neither says once per character or even once per round, so if either character has enough power they could activate it on the same character twice. However, I didn't know if they could stack with eachother or themselves and get 2 more attack dice in some way.
  7. If Kraven hits with his Kukri Strike in his 1st activation and plays All You've Got, does subsequent Spear Thrust gains extra dice during the following activation?
  8. What is the timing on Kraven's Corner the Beast? If a character with only 1 stamina left has been cornered and advances/climb do they take the damage (and daze) as soon as they begin their move or at the end of it?
  9. Hello ! Peter Parker gets Cornered by Kraven. Later in the round, he's KO'd as a result of Corner the Beast damage. Can I play Fearful Symmetry at this moment ? I would assume yes, as it's a result of Kraven's superpower,therefore Kraven KO's Peter.
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