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Found 10 results

  1. When using any of the above mentioned cards, as the character would be KO’d do they lose their activation token if they had one prior to being KO’d? Thanks
  2. Hi, If Ronan is the first target of a beam attack and is Dazed/KO'd, then uses his superpower The Accuser and KOes the attacker who is then saved by Lockjaw's Last Minute Save, does the beam continue or is it interrupted? Thanks!
  3. So wolverine attacks Maw who has 1 up with his spender attack. I place wolverine then the attack kills maw. Lockjaw life saves maw. Since he isn’t considered dazed anymore and wolverines throw says after the attack is resolved I can throw. So lockjaws timing would go then I could technically throw maw insta killing do to collision. Am I correct in this timing
  4. Bob's "But How!?" ability states that when he does not have an activated token and would be KO'd he gains a Dazed token instead. Last-Minute Save states that when an allied character would be KO'd, the allied character removes one damage and is not KO'd. Are these two slightly different wordings functionally the same for purposes of game play - or - is Bob KO'd for technical reasons, while a Last-Minute Saved character is not? How do each of these wordings work with a healthy Thanos's Death's Agenda leadership?
  5. I was wondering if lockjaw can play his tactic card where be saves a lot character and teleports them 1" from him if lockjaw is dazed himself. Thank yoi
  6. Quick question regarding the A-Force leadership and timing with Last Minute Save... If I attack a character within 3 of Lockjaw, and Lockjaw is one power short of being able to use Last Minute Save, and I deal damage to the target, therefore giving the A-Force ability a chance to trigger.. Can Lockjaw then use the card to prevent the KO if she hulk grants him a power? I wasnt sure on the timing of the leadership ability vs. applying damage. Apologies if this is worded poorly, I'm on mobile. Thanks!
  7. Ronan is to be KOd by an attack, he triggers The Accuser, advances, and attacks prior to being KO'd. After the attack resolves am I able to play Last Minute Save with Lockjaw and prevent the KO?
  8. Can lockjaw play Last Minute Save to prevent She-Hulk/Hulk from being KO'd in the cleanup phase if she was Dazed in that round?
  9. If a character has suffered damage equal to their stamina and is currently under the effects of grievous wounds, would the effects of grievous wounds prevent last-minute save from removing one damage? Then, in the above case, while last minute save states the character is not KO’d the character would become KO’d due to damage, because of the rule book. Correct? And, could the above scenario also play out on the grievous wounds attack, assuming the attack deals at least one damage?
  10. Can you last minute save off all you’ve got? Seems strong. example: I play all you’ve got on an injured Black Bolt. At the end of his second activation, I am within range three of lockjaw & lockjaw has three power. Lockjaw plays last minute save, I heal one and don’t KO. Is this correct?
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