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Found 18 results

  1. Related question (kinda) one faction is A-Force and the leadership is 1 Allie character gets hurt another can get a power. So in a U E if your partners team gets hurt I assume they could get power but can they give that power to an Allie on the team? While reading the power it would seem so because it just says Allie w/ no specific wording saying they couldn't
  2. I imagine this has been answered, but I can’t find it. Can leaders use their own abilities when it says “when an allied character…” like Dr Strange Mystic Empowerment?
  3. In Ultimate Encounters (for example, Mutant Masterworks) where two players have separate squads but are on a single Crisis Team, do both players’ characters count as “allied” with each other and potentially gain the benefit of each others’ leadership abilities?
  4. I looked and did not find any topics on this subject. Such as Loki's "god of mischief", do other such innate superpowers (unless specified i.e. Crystal's ttc) still affect the game when the source character is dazed? Leadership abilities do and those would be concidered innate if anything.
  5. With the new Hulkbuster card this came up. When do you declare which leadership you are using? It's after deployment, but is it active player declaring first or at the same time?
  6. If you were to bring a squad with the possibility to choose two different affiliations after deployment, can you bring tactics cards from both affiliations into your 5 selected tactics cards? For example, if you bring Dr Strange, Iron Fist, Moon Knight, and Blade, can you also bring Pentagrams and Siege of Darkness into your 5 even though once you choose your leadership, you will no longer be able to use the other affiliations’ card?
  7. Hey all, going to play my second game of Crisis Protocol today and wanted some advice/clarifications First, about affiliations, I understand you must have at more than half your force under an affiliation to use the leadership ability. For example, if your wanting to use Captain America’s “A day unlike any other” Avengers leadership ability on a five man squad, at least three of them need to be Avengers. The confusion is what about the “odd men out”? If the remaining two of the squad are say, Crossbones and Ultron, they don’t benefit from Cap’s leadership ability right? Rationally I would think they don’t, but I have seen blogs elsewhere on the net that say they do. Second question is simple.....is there any difference in the game between wall crawling and flight? and lastly, slight confusion on what “dazed” and “ ko’d” mean....I think “dazed” means losing all your health on your healthy side, becom8ng “injured”...and ko’d means losing all your injured Hit points? (Dead)
  8. When Captain Sam is KO'd does his team get to benefit from the leadership ability, or does the ability cease to function due to him being KO'd
  9. Hello, Do all models in a squad benefit from the power of command even if they are not in the correct affiliation? Example: Squad with 51% Cabal Affiliation: Will Red Crane: Master of Evil's command power work on Wolverine ally ? Thanks again 🙂
  10. Why does Blackbolts Leadership ability count as a special rule, but Storms doesn't?
  11. If a character was added during mid-game due to a special tactical card (cloning), resulting in the squad affiliation percentage dropping below 51%, would the leadership ability be removed temporarily, for the duration of the game, or not at all?
  12. Hello, looking for a little clarity on the “Interact (Secure Objective Tokens)” portion of this leadership ability. Does the “You may only have one token in play at a time as a result of this leadership ability” mean 1 token per character or 1 token per team?
  13. Hello. Just to clarify, does leadership ability works when leader is dazed and only stops working if he KO'd?
  14. If a leader is taken out of the game, do his team mates still use his leadership rule? For example can the other Web warriers still use Mile's Great Responsibility rule if he isn't on the board anymore?
  15. Would an innate superpower that doesn't have a cost count for the Day Unlike Any Other leadership ability? For example, if Cap bodyguards Ghost Rider, will Spirit of Vengeance prevent Wicked's Judgement from having its cost reduced?
  16. Is kingpin leadership ability work on a counting characters for origin bombs?
  17. Can magneto give power from his leadership to models that are dazed?
  18. If I have Storm and Cyclops on the table, can only the current leader play “To Me My X-Men!”?
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