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Found 23 results

  1. How would Life Saver work in this situation? Black Swan attacks Model A with Everything Dies, and part of the initial attack ,rolls a wild to trigger "Follow up" Could Ghost Spider use Life Saver to pull Model A away after the initial attack is resolved, but before the Eye Beam attack occurs? If so, and Life Saver was able to pull Model A outside of Eye Beams range (r3) at this point, would Black Swans special rule of "ignoring range and LOS " apply and the attack would continue? I found this article as a partial reference, but I think Black Swan's rules are a bit different here than Shield Throw.
  2. If Malekith uses Ferocity into a target and the opponent uses Eye in the sky, or similar effect such as life saver, trickster, escort to safety, does Malekith get the action back even though he made the move?
  3. If a character lets say Nick Fury, is targeted by Vision with a Beam attack and Fury is the only character under the Template and you use Eye in the Sky but you remain within R4 and LOS of Vision but no longer under the template do you still get hit? Or does Vision get the action back?
  4. A strange situation came up during one of my recent games. On my turn I activated Venom, moved him into range of Miles Morale, and then played Siege of Darkness; Venom was one of the characters to pay the cost. I target Miles with the attack and as I target him, my opponent uses Ghost-Spider's Life Saver to pull Miles out of Venom's range, so the attack ends. However, Life Saver states that "If it is the attacker's activation, and the attack did not target multiple characters, they may make another action". It was Venoms activation, and his attack only targeted Miles, and the superpower doesn't specify that it has to be an attack that came from an attack action. So which of the following would happen? Venom does not get to make another action Venom gets to make another action, but it has to be an attack Venom gets to make another action, and it can be any action Something else We went with 2, but Venom wasn't in range of anyone else so it didn't matter.
  5. Hello to all, In the last tournament we have a doubt about the rule lifer saver (gwent / ghost spider). The rule talks first about the ally and then the requeriments of the enemy. When we were talking about the range 4, some of the assistants said that the ally must be in range 4 and the other that the enemy must be in range 4 due appears in the requeriments part of the enemy. Could you help us? Gwent must be in range 4 of the ally or enemy? Thanks
  6. If someone plays No Matter the Cost and then the opponent uses Gwen's Lifesaver (or various abilities like it), does the player who played No Matter the Cost still suffer the damage and is the card spent? I believe the active players plays No Matter the Costs and suffers the damage prior to the Lifesaver. Then the attack ends. I assume if that is the case, then they cannot use that cost on another attack? Example: X-23 uses No Matter the Cost to take 2 wounds to attack a character with Claw Rush. Gwen uses Lifesaver and pulls them out of range. Attack ends. Can X-23 then use Claw Rush on another valid target with their next action?
  7. I have heard it mentioned in a few podcasts now that effects like Life Saver and Escort to Safety, when used in response to attacks granted by Team Tactics Cards such as Helios Laser and Richochet blast, can effectively cause the attack card to be "wasted." Just looking for some clarification on this ruling and how it works.
  8. Good day I am looking for clarification on Life Saver and power consumption from an enemy targeting the character to receive Life Saver. There have been multiple posts on this and each has been answered with different answers. So my questions are listed below. 1)Does an attacking character still spend the power if targeting a character that has been pulled out of range with Life Saver with a regular single target attack? 2)If the attacking character used a single target attack that allowed for movement (hit and run) and I understand they get to do the movement part of the action, does the power get spent for that action? 3)Does the attacking character still spend the power if targeting a single character with a beam or area attack that has been pulled out of range with Life Saver? 4)If an attacking character is targeting an allied Venom with a beam or area attack and Life Saver is used, does the attack still resolve allowing for So Many Snacks to be used if the allied Venom is still within 3? Would this also apply for a single target attack?
  9. If an enemy uses a beam to attack multiple characters and Ghost-Spider uses life saver to move one of them out of the path of the beam, but still in "range", does it get hit? (eg if the attack is B3 and the target is still within 3 of the attacking character)
  10. I'm sure this has been answered before but I can't find it. Lifesaver is used during a hit and run. Model is pulled out and there are no models able to be hit now. The attacking model can move and now has 2 actions because of the refund correct?
  11. I just want to make sure I am correctly understanding the timing. When Ghost Spider using Life Saver this is before the opponent pays for the attack. So if the target is not in range the attacker can choose another action and doesn't lose power for the previous attack.
  12. Baron attacks an enemy character using Steel Rush, which allows him to advance M after the attack is resolved. Ghost Spider uses Live Saver on the enemy, pulling them out of range, and the attack “ends”. Does it end before resolving, meaning Baron does not get to advance M?
  13. Antman is targetted by an attack and change size timing is the same as life saver, if he transforms, can he get life saver'd in theory to extend its range of "out of range, attack does not continue, make another action" part of Life Saver? Attack target > Transform for range but not cancelling attack > Life saver > check for range. Thank you!
  14. Cap throws his shield at Miles, currently within range 3 on a building. Gwen life savers him. He’s now behind the building and outside of range 3, but within the range 4 of the attack. Is Miles still a valid target? Why?
  15. Hi, Miles uses Web Swing to place him within range 3 of its current position. Then he declares a Webline Kick attack but Ghost Spider's player enemy declares Life Saver and push towards the target so finally its out of range to the attack. Is the add two dice to the attack roll lose for the next Webline Kick attack? Many thanks
  16. Mysterio Targets Angela with an attack, Gwen uses Life Saver but Angela is still within range of his attack. Mysterio uses Tricks and Traps, Dazes Angela so can no longer attack. Does Mysterio gain his action back for the attack?
  17. Suppose Quicksilver is attacked by Medusa using Braid Bash, and Medusa triggers Flurry on the attack. On the attack granted by Flurry, if Quicksilver uses Can't Catch Me and successfully moves out of LOS or range of Medusa, does Medusa get another action despite having made a successful attack initially? Life saver has similar wording Can't Catch Me, so I presume it would apply similarly.
  18. Enemy Thor targets allied Hawkeye with “hammer throw” within range 3 so that Hawkeye can not use the reaction super power “quick draw”. Allied ghost spider uses “life saver” reaction which is triggered when Thor targets Hawkeye. Hawkeye is pushed towards ghost spider but is still in range of “hammer throw”(range5) from Thor, but is now outside of range 3. Since both “life saver” and “quick draw” are at the same time(when targeted) and both the defender’s reactions, can hawkeye use “quick draw” now that ghost spider pushed him with “life saver” outside of range3 of Thor? Or does Hawkeye NOT get to use “quick draw” because he wasn’t outside of 3 initially when targeted? I’m thinking, Thor checks range step 2b. Hawkeye’s “quick draw” and ghost spider’s “life saver” check their ranges in 2d. thanks in advance
  19. I'd like to get the official word on this since its the opposite of most interactions. We have an attacker making a beam or area attack against a single target during its activation. Ghost-Spider uses Life Saver to pull the attacked character outside of the attacks range OR Loki uses Trickster to get outside of the attacks range. The attacker gets another action as per Life Saver/Tricksters rules, since the attack only targeted a single character. If that attack cost power though, the attacker will still have spent that power in this situation, correct? Unlike normal attacks that pay power in Appendix A step 3 (which is after Life Saver or Trickster triggers & resolves), Beam and Area attacks state that you pay power prior to triggering the targeting step on any individual character.
  20. Valkyrie attacks using Dragon fang, gets a wild, triggers a strike attack. Strike attack target gets Life safered by Ghost Spider, does Valkyrie gain an action?
  21. Valkyrie spends 2 and charges Miles. Gwen uses life saver and pulls miles out of range. Nobody else is in range of Valkyries attack... How many actions does Valkyrie have left? One or two?
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