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  1. Hello, Firstly, thank you to the mods for being so helpful. Our store of new players is about to have our first tournament, and the people answering these questions have been very helpful for all us noobs. 1. Does the Saber Tank provide any cover (as it is a repulsion vehicle)? 2. If it can, does the hover: ground key word allow it to do so? 2. Can enemy units "see" my units behind the saber tank as though they were "Ankle sniping"? 3. Can you move through enemy units and choose to not enter melee or engage them? For example, My Obi wants to walk straight through a stormtrooper to end his movement engaged with the enemy Vader that was further away. 4. Simple clarification. The rulebook mentions that LoS is drawn from the CENTER of a model's base. So if the only LoS line that can be drawn is from the edge of my unit's base to an enemy's base, that would mean there would be no legal LoS correct?
  2. How do you measure Line of Sight to and from units that are on flight stands, like ARC Troopers (Strike Teams), Rebel Mandalorians, and Mandalorian Super Commandos? Also, how do silhouettes factor in when measuring this Line of Sight as well?
  3. 1. Ancient One is being targeted by Blade with Night of the Dhampir. 2. Ancient One uses Winds Of Watoomb to push blade in a sideways manner to be behind a size 3 building after being targeted. 3. Blade Now does not have LoS to complete the attack against Ancient One. What happens? does the attack still go off? Would Ancient one benefit from cover if it does. Bonus question if this same scenario happens with an ability that would let you push the target out of range would the attack still trigger even though they were pushed out of range of the original attacks range.
  4. Is LoS drawn from the top of the dish or from the mini shooting as ruled with other emplacements in the rrg?
  5. Can anyone see anyone? If Widow is on Size 3 can she see Bucky or vice versa? Or should that be considered one piece of terrain since they are against each other?
  6. Hi, If a unit on a clear peg such as repulsor with speeder, or a hover air or hover ground vehicle overlaps a mine from a saboteur or Bane token does that overlap block los from other units to the mine token? Thanks!
  7. Hello, question from a newbie 🙂 Unless I’m mistaken, Repulsor vehicles block line sight. if I have have two speeder bikes one in front of each other, targeting an enemy unit straight on, does the bike at the front block line of sight of the bike at the back? Thanks I’m advance!
  8. Hello! Quick one... If iron man for example is stood atop a size 3 or 4 terrain piece, and another charecter same size as iron man is on the floor but within range of attacks. Can the charecter on the floor target ironman up on the building or would iron man be able to be targeted or would the charecter on the floor have to make a climb action to get on the same level to be able to target him? Thanks in advance 👌
  9. Let's say that I have Spiderman (size 2) on top of a container (size 2). He's targeting a hero and between the two there is a shop (size 3). The rules state that "A character on top of a terrain feature ignores that terrain feature when determining if it has LOS to another character or object." Does this mean that it doesn't use the added height to determine if it sees the target? Do I treat this like size 2 tries to target a size 2 that's behind a size 3 object? Or a size 4 that tries to target a size 2 behind an object that's size 3?
  10. The roxxon sign included in the sentinel terrain is size 3, so size 2 characters standing on either side of the sign do not have line of sight to each other even though the terrain has a large opening between the pillars holding the sign. Is this correct?
  11. Hi all, Do I need line of sight to target an enemy or an ally with a superpower? For example: do I need line of Sight to target an enemy with Web Line? Or do I need line of sight to target an ally with Cosmic Portal (Thanos ability)
  12. From page 22: "A character has line of sight (LOS) to another character or an object if a straight, unobstructed line can be drawn from any part of the character’s base to the other character’s base or the object. The line can pass unobstructed through characters but not through terrain features with a larger size than the other character or the object (emphasis added)." Situation: A Size 2 character and a Size 3 character have a Size 3 terrain feature directly between them. Rule Interpretation as written: The Size 2 character has LOS on the Size 3 character as the terrain is not "larger than the other character". However, the Size 3 character does not have LOS to the Size 2 character as the Size 3 terrain feature is "larger than the other character." Question: I can understand that smaller characters may be harder to see/easier to hide, but LOS is not about a character being hidden. As LOS should be a two way street, this interpretation does not make sense. Am I interpreting this as intended, or can someone provide the actual intent of this rule? Thanks!
  13. Hello there. currently in our group we are discussing the following situation. I need a clarification, if we played it wrong or not. Attention: Paint-Skills incoming 🙂 The blue unit (L = Leader; S= Sniper/ different weapon) moves and want to shoot at the Red Unit (B1 with Worker Droid ("A"); "B" is a default Trooper). The blue sniper ("S") builds a new attack pool and shoots on the orange unit, but has LOS to the blue "B". The blue leader (and the Rest of the unit) only have LOS to the Worker Droid, but the Sniper has LOS to another model in that unit. Now does the blue unit (without sniper) 1 wound to the red unit. Question: Who got the wound? The Worker Droid, because that was the only model seen by the attack pool or model blue "B" because it was seen by blue "S"? Imo i think that only the worker droid is killed, because the Sniper isn't a part from the attack-pool, so it is no attacker against the red unit, but maybe i'm wrong with it. Here the Parts from the referenz pdf: WOUNDS During an attack, if line of sight to a mini in the defender is blocked from all minis in the attacker, that mini in the defender cannot suffer wounds. ATTACK Form Attack Pool: The attack pool consists of all the dice the attacker will roll against this defender. Declare Additional Defender: If there are any weapons remaining that have not been added to the attack pool, the player may repeat steps 1–2, forming a separate attack pool with the new weapons. Thanks
  14. good afternoon ask if gems have to have line of sight, let me explain the gem of the mind can move a character, need line of sight?
  15. when using the astral ring to make an attack do you work out the line of sight and cover from the ring or the character making the attack Thank-you
  16. Hi, I wasn't sure if attacks like Ricochet from Sam Wilson Capt. America, Dormammu's Incantation of Obliteration, or any similar attacks that allows additional attacks within X range still requires LOS? Thanks,
  17. With the new LOS rules, provided here, who do you perform a LOS check, if those units are the defending unit? Example: A DSD-1 Spider droid is declared as a defender. Do you unly check LOS up until the "top of the spider droids body, where the base of the antenna meets the center of the miniature" or does the antenna also count? Thank you!
  18. Line of sight is used to determine if one mini can see another mini. A player determines line of sight from the perspective of a mini, using a viewpoint where the center of the mini’s base meets the top of the mini’s sculpt. Hi, We have an issue with determining the viewpoint for vehicles like Spider Droid, AAT or TX-130 where the highest point of the model is not in the middle of the base. We draw a perpendicular line from the middle of the base and the viewpoint is where the line meets the highest point of the sculpture in that exact position even if it's not the highest point of the entire model. or We draw a perpendicular line from the middle of the base and a parallel line from the highest point of the model (ie antenna) and the viewpoint is where the two lines crossed. or Both methods are wrong. A picture would be perfect for it but I cannot upload it somehow.
  19. Hello There! When you determine LOS for a Overrun attack? I understand that the attack is actually made by the unit with the Overrun keyword, but it is NOT a Ranged Attack. Does it mean that a hidden mini on the defending unit can still suffer wounds? Or you need LOS to that? Thank you very much!
  20. Hello There! A miniature base cannot overlap another base. As far as I know, it can overhang it if it is situated at least higher than the height of a silhouette. Question is: if one unit is overhanging another miniature, has LOS to it? Thank you!
  21. Hello! Couple questions for yall that I'm looking for clarification on: The only place I have seen where the base is not treated as part of the mini is on page 32 in the Cover section where it only refers to "When determining whether a piece of terrain blocks line of sight to a defending mini with a notched base..." Since Hover: Ground vehicles are treated as Ground vehicles by other units, and Ground vehicles bases are treated as part of their mini... Would that mean that an AA5 base would block line of sight to another mini behind it if, for example, it was banked at an angle and perpendicular to an attack? Similarly, could an AA5, or other similar Hover: ground/air vehicle land on a charge token to prevent other minis from having LOS to the token, thus preventing them from taking damage from its detonation?
  22. I am aware this is included regarding dust fields and when ships are on top of them: My question is if a squadron base is completely covering the dust field, and a ship to ship line of sight is drawn over that base, does the above rules still apply or is the shot fine? Just wanting clarification as the above only mentions ships.
  23. I have two questions about the AA/5 that I'm unsure of. 1) LOS blocking recently came up in a discussion and I'm getting conflicting information. There's this comment on the official FAQ page... Question: What happens if a non-repulsor unit moves into range 1 of a condition token while the "Minefield" condition card is in play, but line of sight to that token is blocked by a repulsor vehicle mini (that didn’t trigger the Minefield effect because it is a repulsor)? Does the token fail to detonate? Answer: Correct, the condition token does not detonate, because vehicles block line of sight and therefore line of sight cannot be drawn from the token to the unit that moved into range 1 of it. But..... the rules on page 84 say 'repulsor vehicles do not obscure other minis and do not provide cover.' and 'Vehicles can block line of sight.'. HUH?! How does something not provide cover/obscure AND block LOS? 2) Could a friendly mini (say Luke or just some random Fleet Troopers) climb/clamber/jump onto the top of the vehicle?
  24. The RRG makes it clear on page 55 that the base matters for Line of Sight checks, but the Tournament Regulations imply that they overrule the RRG and that only the silhouette matters. This creates a confusing interaction when the attacking unit is firing from above the defender. See the highly technical illustration (attached) for a specific example. If the base still matters, Unit B will have cover from the barricade. If only the silhouette matters, Unit B will have no cover from the barricade.
  25. If a character is on top of a size 4 terrain and a character with flight is beneath them, how does LOS work? Is the one with flight considered to be at a Level 5 due to flight or is the character on the terrain out of LOS?
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