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Found 5 results

  1. Does Axe’s “spend token effect” to reduce damage on a friendly unique squadron trigger Lumiara’s (Commander) ability?
  2. Hello, The timing window for Thermal Shields from my understanding is the token is spent and effect happen during the attack step. After the opponent gathers dice, and before they are rolled and modified by the attacker. Does the use of Thermal Shields spending the brace count towards Luminara's count of tokens spent? Her card says "after the spend defense token step if it spent fewer than 2 tokens", but Thermal Shields brace was spent before that step, during the attack step. Thank you.
  3. Can her effect trigger if a defending cannot spend tokens? E.G. Dagger or Saber squads are unique but don’t have tokens to spend.
  4. When a squadron gets an accuracy with admiral Sloane how does it interact with lumina unduli when she is a commander? Does the defense token that is spent due to Sloanes commander ability count towards the number of defense tokens the ship has spent for lumina unduli commander ability? And is the ship able to recover a defense token that was spent by the opponent in the same attack? For example. The brace is exhausted by the tie fighter accuracy. My question is if the defense token was exhausted by the tie fighter can you use luminara’s ability to recover that same token or not?
  5. My question is about the new Luminara Unduli commander for Star Wars Armada. Can you spend 0 defense tokens and trigger her ability? Her rules text says “While a friendly ship or unique squadron is defending, after the Spend Defense Tokens step, if it spent fewer than 2 defense tokens, it may either ready 1 of its defense tokens it did not spend, or choose another friendly ship at distance 1-5 and ready 1 of that ship's defense tokens.” Right now the community ruling on this is that “fewer than 2” means that Luminara can trigger when 0 defense tokens are used. In all instances of the rulebook spent refers to something being used. “Spend Defense Tokens: The defender can spend one or more of its defense tokens.” “Defense tokens begin the game on their readied side. When a readied defense token is spent, it is flipped to its exhausted side. When an exhausted defense token is spent, it is discarded.” The time I found where “I spent 0” would be applied a different verbiage is used. “After a ship finishes its activation, if it did not spend its command dial, that dial is discarded.’ Right now Luminara triggers every time a squadron or ship attacks regardless of whether or not the player needed to use something to trigger her ability.
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