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  1. If Magneto attacks a character within range 2 with reverse polarity he will get rerolls on the attack, if the character who was attacked then plays Fall Back to be outside of range 2 would the second part of reverse polarity then trigger allowing Magneto to push the character as they are now outside of range 2? Thank you
  2. Would just like to clarify a couple of interactions with Rapid Fire attacks: 1) If I rapid fire into Magneto and he pays his power for Force Projection, does that last for both the initial and subsequent rapid fire attack, or does it last for both attacks? 2) Similarly, if I rapid fire into Enchantress do I need to pay 2 power for Enchanting for both the initial and subsequent rapid fire attacks? Thanks
  3. Question 1: Just for clarification. When I move Magneto, I cannot move his terrain with him? (But I can hide behind his terrain for cover?) Question 2: When my opponent destroys terrain, Magneto's leadership ability still triggers. So for example my opponent throws and destroys a size 3 terrain, Magneto gets to distribute 3 power to his team? thanks
  4. Hello, If both me and my opponent have magneto on the table how does master of magnetism work? Do Magnetos track their own constructs, or all constructs on the table? Would it be (Priority player is A, non-priorityis B) Turn 1 A) Place construct, gain 1 additional power. B) Place construct gain 2 additional power. Turn 2 (assuming both construct stay in play.) A) Place no construct, gain 2 additional power. B) Place no construct, gain 2 additional power. Having 2 constructs on the table? Or Turn 1 A) Place construct, gain 1 additional power. B) Place construct gain 1 additional power. Turn 2 (assuming both construct stay in play.) A) Place construct, gain 2 additional power. B) Place construct, gain 2 additional power. Thus having 4 total constructs on the table?
  5. When using shhh/no more mutants against magnetos fatal attraction ( any super power that throws )at what point is the team tactic played? Is it after they pick the size of the terrain and pay the power? Or after they place the ruler down in the intended direction?
  6. Howdy 🙂 if Magneto uses his area attack which catches 3 enemy models in it, one being venom, and then damages venom first. Can venom use his counter attack to interrupt Magneto and try to daze him to stop the other two characters being attacked?
  7. Hello, Magneto's "Master of magnestim" states that you have to place a metal construct if less than 2 are in play. "THEN" you gain 1 power for each constructs in play. Some people told me that the "then" implies that you only gain construct powers if you place one during the power phase. Meaning that if you already have 2 constructs in play at the beginning of a turn (and thus don't place one in your power phase), you only get 1 power from step 1 of the power phase and that's it. Is that true ? I haven't find anything regarding that in the forum so i try my luck ^^ Thanks in advance :)
  8. I have heard the claim that when playing magneto and throwing 1 terrain piece into another, the leadership no longer triggers twice. I see nothing on the ability that would state otherwise nor in the rules. Would you please give us a 👍👎 on this claim? I just want the truth out there for anyone who may have heard this.
  9. If Scarlet Witch has dazed someone and Quicksilver has interacted with an objective during the round, one Magneto's activation, can he: Activate, take his turn. Put the activation token on him. Then play Difficult to Please, remove the activated token on the same turn? And if so, since he is the same character, can he then activate immediately and take his actions or must he wait for the next turn to activate?
  10. With Magneto's leadership, when I throw a size 2 into a size 3. is the total gain 5. this being 1 to each allied team member up to 5. as well is it treated as separate instances of power gain, IE 1 instance of 2 power and 1 instance of 3 power. thanks!
  11. So Magneto's metal constructs say to place one within 3 of himself, does this mean that he can place constructs on top of terrain features?
  12. Good afternoon a question When a player spends a card on which is an attack example: magnetic crushing. and uses this attack, spends one attack action or has his two attack actions apart.
  13. If cyclops is attacked by magneto and magneto uses the range from his metal construct which is within 2 from cyclops, but magneto is great than 2 from cyclops. Can cyclops still use the quick draw reactive superpower? The same goes but reversed if he can does that mean that viper would not be able to use coiled serpant.
  14. Does Magneto gain extra power during step one or 2 of the power phase? Example in turn 1, A) he would gain one power in step 1, then another in step two if a construct is placed or B) he would gain one power in step one and then place a construct, gain another power in step one of turn 2 and another in step 2?
  15. If Magneto uses shrapnel blast but measures the range and LoS from a construct instead of himself, but he is also within range 2 of the construct, does he damage himself?
  16. Hello, Can I play Magneto's "Mecanic crush" tactical card when I am not activating Magneto during my turn but another character or even during the activation of another character? (Because I saw that the rules specify for other cards like Seven Sun Cinnibus from Dr Strange, that it must be played during its activation etc ...) Again a big thank you Negoldar
  17. Greeting, was wondering if magnetos tactic card granting him cover works even when the enemy is within 2 or not
  18. Does the push for battle lust count as an effect of the attack that it triggers off of. I am asking to see if magneto gets pushed even he uses force projection or not.
  19. Hoping you can clarify on the rules for From The Ruins, Magneto's leadership ability, and what constitutes a turn? For example, a game I played today had Magneto and the brotherhood against X-men with Hulk. Hulk threw a truck, so size 4 terrain which Magneto then spread amongst his allies, even though it was my turn. My opponent used punisher to blow up a terrain, giving another 3 power to be spread out. Kingpin on my opponents side then through another terrain giving more power to his team and then Magneto used Magnetic Crush, destroying more terrain (2 x size 3, one size 2 and one size 1) dishing out more power. All of this happened in one round, but as the rule states they only gain 1 power per turn which is per character turn, the amount of power added up quickly. Can a character receive more than one power per round as this ability is per turn? Can the ability grant power from terrain destroyed in their opponents turn? If multiple terrain pieces are destroyed in one go, can you allocate power based on all terrain destroyed (like in Magnetic Crush) or do they need to pick one and then dish out power for that one piece of terrain? Also can power be allocated to dazed characters?
  20. 2 clarifications here opportunity to use and when the effect ends. When throwing magneto - action or ability rather than as an effect of an attack etc. - i.e. you are specifically picking him up to chuck. Does he get an opportunity to spend 2p to Force Projection (FP) and prevent being thrown? He wont be rolling dodge dice so RAW it won't trigger, correct? Also assume the effect of FP clears once the action\super power (attack, throw, pounce etc.) is completed and is no longer in effect at the start of the next action\super power. Example to illustrate: She-Hulk Vs Injured Magneto She does 2 x Sensational upper cuts, He pays 2p each time for FP, she does 7 damage across the 2 attacks, he has 1hp left. She then chooses to use Clear the Court to throw magneto into another character nearby. Outcome is: 1. He is KO'd. (Throw plays out, he takes his 1 auto damage from the collision) 2. Cannot throw him because FP is still active from the last attack. 3. Can spend 2p to trigger FP for a 3rd time.
  21. So magnetos leadership says when a terrainn piece is destroyed you can select allies and hand out power. Do to wording does that include if your opponent throws or destroys terrain. It doesn’t say on your activations.
  22. If Magneto played the Magnetic Refraction card during the round but is later dazed does the effect of Magnetic Refraction continue? If not does it still become available to play again in later rounds when playing brotherhood of mutants.
  23. If you hit ronan with a terrain piece and it would cause him to get dazed could he gain an extra power from magneto's leadership before he accusers to say kree justice
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