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Found 13 results

  1. If Mal charges into Magneto with ferocity and Magneto uses Force Projection, Malekith does damage does he still get the throw since the attack is not what is causing the throw or does Force Projection stop it?
  2. Hydra engineering states that if the allied roll contained one or more skull/failure results the allied character gains the bleed special condition. Malekiths cloak of shadows allows him to pay power to treat skulls as criticals. If malekith rolled 1 skull, paid to treat it as a critical and used hydra engineering to reroll dice but did not roll any additional criticals, does malekith still gain the bleed if he is treating the skull/s as criticals?
  3. malekith's ability and similar abilities like conqueror of the ten realms prevent that character attacking from rerolling dice but what about outside effects that reroll dice from other characters. Example baron Strucker and baron Zemo have strategic genius that allow rerolls but then there are other abilities from Arnim Zola that can use hydra engineering that targets the character attacking and can reroll die based on energy spent from that character.
  4. The ability states that characters cannot modify their dice. It does not say anything about re-rolling dice. Was this a misprint? It does not read anything like Angela's living ribbons that specifically says you can not re roll or modify dice. Modify and Reroll are completely different steps in the chain. Help me make sense of this please because I can not find the answer in these forums from a search or in the Errata. I feel like I'm taking crazy pills trying to explain this to my play group, and I agree with them. Or am I missing a rule change somewhere that combines reroll and modify into the same step?
  5. How does Struckers ‘Arrogance’ ability work with Malekith’s failure manipulation? If Strucker turns failures into successes in his attacks and Mals defense roll is Mal still able to turn them into crits or are the just successes that can’t be turned into criticals?
  6. Malekith is defending and plays K'un Lun Training, as Malekith is the source of the effect of K'un Lun and Conqueror the the Ten Realms affects the attacking character; can Malekith re roll the opponent attack roll?
  7. Does the timing (after modify dice step) on the time gem and/or recalibration matrix get around the malekith conqueror of the ten realms ability that stops the attacker from modifying the attack dice against malekith? Or at the very least does it force the reroll of malekith's defense dice if it blocks the reroll of the attacker's dice?
  8. So with Malekith and Domino's respective powers to turn skulls into crits by spending power can you overpay with the power? Say you only rolled 2 skulls, could you still pay more than 2 power?
  9. I'm wondering about an interaction between mysterio using the grand illusion and malekith/domino. As i'm seing it, if malekith or domino pays to count skulls as crits, they won't explode but still count as crit at the end. Is it correct ? Will they count as skull so no success?
  10. If Malekith uses Ferocity into a target and the opponent uses Eye in the sky, or similar effect such as life saver, trickster, escort to safety, does Malekith get the action back even though he made the move?
  11. Does Cloak of Shadows make the skull treated as a crit for both players, For instance if Dormammu is attacking Malekith and Malekith pays for the skulls would dormammu get to count them as successes or are they treated as crits. The Cloak of Shadows Superpower does not state this character treats as crits it just states that skulls are treated as Crits for the roll entirely
  12. Can you trigger Dark Council more than once per round, as long as you choose different allied characters?
  13. Does Malekith's leadership trigger on grunts or are grunts not considered characters?
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