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Found 7 results

  1. Hi, Let's ask this with an example: 1. Proxima is targeted by an attack. 2. She activates Martial Prowess in step 2d. 3. Another allied plays the Sacrifice tactic card, which has the same timing as Martial Prowess, so they become the target of the attack. My question is: would the attacking character be dealt 2 damage, since Proxima would not suffer damage from that attack? (As this is not a different attack, but the same attack that then targets another character) Thanks.
  2. Hi, Does Venom Symbiotic Instincts power nulify Gamora Martial Prowess power ? Thank you.
  3. This rule said "when this character is target by a attack within range 2". Does this "range 2" means the range of the attack? or the range between attacker and this character?
  4. If Doctor Strange uses Hoggoth's Hoary Wisdom on Gamora and Gamora uses Martial Prowess how many dice does she roll for defense, 5 or 7? Same with Strange and Cyclops with quick draw.
  5. If Proxima Midnight is being attacked by her Obsession Target and uses the superpower Martial Prowess, would she roll 7 defense dice or 5 defense dice?
  6. How does martial prowess get resolved in the following case? Given Valkyrie has two remaining stamina and attacks a character with prowess 1. Valkyrie attacks with dragon fang 2. defender uses the martial prowess power 3. Valkyrie rolls a wild for flurry 4. Defender blocks everything 5. Valkyrie performs a strike For the flurry 6. defender uses martial prowess again 7. defender fails to block and becomes dazed
  7. with martial prowess if you are incinerated is it a defense pool of four or five. the question comes up due to the wording saying instead of rolling dice equal to its defense (which would be x-1 for incinerate) it rolls five defense dice. Or due to timing of defense dice pool where it clumps add and subtract at the same time you get your 5 defense dice then subtract one for incinerate?
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