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Found 7 results

  1. When measuring with a movement tool and a range tool, is it allowed to use the markings on the core box range tool to assist with eyeballing sizes? For example, noting that when the range 3 tool is placed on the end of the movement tool, a small base comes out to about the bottom of the circle on the range 3 tool?
  2. So a question came up over the weekend in my group if it was possible to use a beam attack from any part of a base on the attacking miniature or does the tool have to be place centered on base of miniature. In the picture provided yellow beam would be how I thought it needed to be lined up but was told by group that blue would also be allowed and that there is no center of base required. I did see in the rule book it stated something about center of base but wanted to make sure a ruling hasn't changed that.
  3. If a Ship (or Squadron, Token etc.) is entirely overlapping an Obstacle are the Ship and Obstacle "at distance 1/close range" and/or "within distance 1/close range" of each other? E.g. if a ship is entirely overlapping the rift in Rift Assault (and is speed 1 or lower), does it suffer the damage card from the objective and is its speed temporarily reduced by one when it resolves its "Determine Course" step? [Also potentially relevant to Minefields (placing tokens entirely on obstacles), Abandoned Mining Facility, Contested Outpost, Doomed Station and Holonet Override (if you are really careful and can get a ship entirely on the station), Hired Scum (deploying squadrons entirely on obstacles), and Rift Ambush.] It was a weird edge case that came up on the Discord a few days ago - if you could fit something entirely on an obstacle was it still "at" distance 1 of it. The rules for measuring distance don't really cover that situation as Armada has no distance 0 (and it is hard to measure "closest point to closest point" when all points are touching). Or perhaps a better way of putting it is: If a ship or squadron is entirely overlapping an obstacle, at first glance it would seem that no portion of it is inside the distance 1 (or close range) band of the obstacle, as it is all closer than that. But then we're getting into infinitesimals and so on. Basically I was just looking for something to confirm that weird edge case that things that are entirely overlapping are still at distance 1 of each other.
  4. Greetings Atomic mass games. I have a cuestion about the deploymet deploy a character, a player puts it within Range (i) 3 of their deployment edge . this means is complitly whithin rage 3 or jus whithin range 3 ?
  5. If I am measuring range 3 from a mini, and also trying to measure range 1 from another point on the board, can I use a movement tool to mark the edge of the range 3, put my range 3 ruler away and then use a range ruler to establish range 1 from another point, while using the movement tool as a reference for the previously measured range 3 distance? (1) By my understanding, this sort of measurement would be illegal in the case of a move, explicitly because the movement would still have to be measured using a movement tool, it could not be "eyeballed" per the below ruling on movement. (2) What about in the case of a placement that does not require a movement tool, such as Thanos's Cosmic Portal, Storm's X-Men Gold or Medusa's Royal Decree - can a movement tool be used to mark a place on the board that has been premeasured using a range tool? Because no movement tool is involved, the movement tool is not needed. If a movement tool is used to mark the edge of a Range tool, the movement tool is not being used for an effect called for by the rules, and effectively provides the same information that using two range tools would provide.
  6. 1. Can you please give a clear cut example of what you mean by using the base as measuring device? 2. Is it ok to place your movement template, then place your mini, then check to see if it is within range of a objective before you decide on the models movement or would that be considered using the base as a measuring tool? 3. If number 2 is not correct then how does one make a move to ensure that he/she is in range of a objective without using the base as a measuring tool? 4. If you know you have enough movement to make a move and you just so you just place the range ruler say within range one of a objective then just place the mini are you not using the base as a measurement device? 5. Can rules and examples of movement please make it into the next FAQ preferably with pictures?
  7. For clarity, this post is attempting to aid players in understanding the use of movement and range tools during deployment. (1) and (2) are directly from the Rulebook. (1) To deploy a character, a player puts it within range 3 of their deployment edge. (2) Any distance that is measured using a measurement tool can be measured at any time, but players may only use one range tool and one movement tool at a time when making measurements during a game. Question 1: Is deployment considered part of the game? If no, then is it safe to assume that the restriction on measurement tools doesn't apply (in which case questions 2 and 3 are irrelevant)? Question 2: For the purpose of deployment, when is a mini considered “put?” (a) When the mini has been placed on the map in a legal placement and the deploying player acknowledges to their opponent that the mini has been deployed. (b) as soon as it is standing on the game area without assistance within range 3 of the deploying player’s deployment edge. (c) something else entirely. If (a) is the correct answer for Question 2, then I think we also need to understand the scenarios in question 3. If (b) is correct, please answer question 3 with the caveat that the deploying character is holding their mini with one hand while executing the fiddly bits described in question 3 with their other. If (c), please provide granular guidance on the relevant parts of Question 3. Question 3: If (a) is allowable (or an applicable (c)), and (b) is not required – Is it permissible for a player to place their mini on the board, within range three of the deployment edge and then: (i) Replace their range three ruler with a range 2 ruler, measure range 2 from a previously deployed mini, adjust the deploying miniature to range 2 of the previously deployed mini, replace the range 2 with a range 3 ruler and commit to a final placement? (ii) Measure a position outside of range 3 from the deployment edge from the miniature as placed (but not necessarily in the final placement) using a movement tool to estimate the minis position after a move action? (iii) Same as (ii), but additionally, swap out the range 3 from the tentative deployment position to measure range 1 from the movement tool, and then move the movement tool to estimate the possible position of two movement actions from deployment, then, swap back to the range 3 tool to decide on a final placement. I have seen players do all of these things, including one player telling another after the opponent accidentally dropped their mini on the board within range 3 that it had been deployed. I have also heard players argue for and against all of these points. Clarity would be much appreciated, thanks!
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