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  1. So the scenario is a squad of Magna guards are in melee with Luke and a squad of Wookies. Kraken is in a melee engagement with the wookies and but not base contact with Luke. Can Luke attack kraken or vice Versa?
  2. Hi! This was the situation yesterday - Palpatine attacked Droidekas. 1. Is that possible to move Palpatine in base contact with both models in one move? Since there's no engage state with vehicles I assume that's legit. 2. If Palpatine comes into base-to-contact with a non-leader Droidecas and inflicts 4 wounds (the droid does not save), the unit is left with only a droid leader with 1 wound. Since there was no engage - would Palpatine have to spend movement to melee attack the remaining leader, since he is not in base to base contact? or what? And the same situation, but Palpatine comes into base-to-base with a unit leader, what would happen?
  3. I have a strange case when i moved one troop in base contact to an unclaimd hostage objective without claim it, my oponnets move a unit in way to get in base contact with my unit leader and the objective begining mele engage, then i claimed the objective during next round, can i claim the objective in this case?
  4. Maul in melee... There are about 8 enemy droids surrounding him, but there is a single gap next to maul because another unit is in the way... If that blocking unit moves... Do the b1s in melee with Maul need to fill that gap? Basically... If a gap opens next to Maul, do units not touching his base need to move into that spot. Or does the gap stay open leaving Maul vulnerable? Basically... What does whenever in the RRG mean?
  5. Quick Question! If Luke Skywalker attacks a speeder bike with his lightsaber and defeats it, does the remaining damage left by the dice then transfer to the other speeder in the unit? I’m new to the game; sorry if this question is common/redundant.
  6. Hey, I engage a B1 Squad with 7 models with my Anakin by moving Anakin in base contact with a non-unit leader model. Can my Opponent chose to move all other 5 non-unit leader to surround my Anakin so that the unit leader can't be placed in base contact, or must the B1 unit leader move first. If the first Variant holds, how must the B1 unit leader be placed? In a way that all B1s are in cohesion?
  7. 1) Two units are engaged with each other in melee, miniaures are in base contact. Here comes the activation of other units. If the actions of other units are affected, that the base to base of models breaks between some figures from these two units (e.g. the model from unit A is killed and the model from unit B is no longer base to base with it), is it immediately after how this happens, should model freed of base contact be moved to base to base with another opponent's model? Should you only do this during melee or always? 2) Is it possible to add a melee model that is at a different height than the other models in his squad that was involved? For example, move the model down from height 1.
  8. Can you kill both droidekas if you attack one while in melee? How do droidekas in base contact with other units work.
  9. Hello. 2 units are separated only by a barricade, and each unit leader is in base contact with this barricade. Can a melee occur even if there is no base contact between the minis ? Thank you
  10. Let's take two single model units for simplicity e.g. Vader and Luke that are engaged. Can you move around a unit you are engaged with? e.g. Vader is moving to another side of Luke to get range and Force Push another unit.
  11. Vader is in a melee with a Magna guard unit and a B1 unit, if a friendly unit also joins the melee by base contacting the B1’s can they also attack the Magna guard?
  12. Our new Dewback model engaged a rebel speeder which has the compulsory SPEEDER keyword. When the speeder activates what can it do? can it stay still and melee, does it have to compulsory move, normally it costs all actions to disengage from melee, how is this affected by a vehicle with compulsory speeder move? thanks Andy
  13. Luke Skywalker is engaged by a unit of B1s, some of those B1s can't fit into the melee because Luke is directly next to a unit of rebel troopers, so those B1s sit in cohesion with leader. The following activation that rebel trooper unit moves away, leaving room for the B1s to now snap into the melee, do they do so, or do they stay in cohesion. If they stay in cohesion, would they snap in on next activation, when they next take wounds, or never?
  14. In a single move can a dewback move through a unit to displace them and then still be in melee with that unit?
  15. If an enemy unit moves into base contact with a unit that has a standby token, and that unit with the standby has to move minis to get all of the unit into melee…does it lose the standby token? Is this considered a move? Or can standby be triggered first?
  16. Do the key words on the bowcaster wookie (impact 1 and pierce 1) apply to melee, or only to the ranged weapon?
  17. Hello there! I find a close questions in this forum, but whant to be shure of it Can a unit start mele after disembark if he have "charge" ability? If a vehicle that is transporting that unit has performed more than one standard move, can unit still charge as normal after disembark? Thank you!
  18. can you move a second or third unit into melee with a unit (luke or vader or han or rex) that is already surrounded by other minis and there is no room for the unit leader moving into melee to be placed?
  19. On a turn where Obi Wan's 'Knowledge and Defence' is played, Grievous attacks a clone unit in melee within range 1 of Obi Wan. When Obi Wan uses Guardian against hits from the melee, is he still able to spend dodge tokens to deflect wounds back on Grievous on surge results, even though Grievous is in melee and Obi Wan is not?
  20. When a vehicle that is transporting a unit is defeated, can the transported unit be placed in melee as long as it's also placed in base contact with the transport?
  21. Greetings, Unit A performs a standard move into melee with unit B who has 1 mini inside a piece of difficult area terrain and one outside. If unit A's unit leader enters base contact with the mini outside of the difficult terrain, with melee cohesion forcing you to place minis into difficult terrain, would you still suffer the effect of difficult terrain with the standard move into melee?
  22. Hello There (this is starting to be a tradition...) I've been asked that, which maybe it's a rare situation: When you disembark you can't start a melee by moving the unit leader in base contact with an enemy. Let's say you disembark, move to a terrain piece and trigger Scale, so you get a free clamber. Could you start a melee when you perform that clamber? Thank you!
  23. If force push is used on a unit that within range 1, but the target unit leader is further away from base contact than a speed 1 move, can the force user use cohesion of non-unit leader minis in the target unit to make base contact and start melee/become engaged? Thanks!
  24. Do Creature Trooper units, as Tauntaun Riders, count as "engaged" in melee? So they and the unit they are engaged with can not shoot or be shooten?
  25. Can a player using Vader’s Might place an enemy unit it is moving in a way that it is touching 2 friendly units and start an engagement with both units?
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