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  1. Hey, Cad's points in the latest errata is 120 points. His new card is 105. For tournament play under the regs all errata supercededs whats on the card - can i please ask which is accurate?
  2. Hey Is it possible to take Din Djarin in a normal 800 points rank mercenary list? - not the battleforce Tnx Jesper
  3. If you have Lando with underworld connections, can he use ace up his sleeves bottom part (discard from hand/contingency's ) to give an order to mercenary units?
  4. Hi, Din Djarin is Primary in the mercenary force from the simble on the box and as stated on the back of the box "Also compatible with: empire/Rebel" where can I find the rule to run him in a Mercenery force as I play the Shadow colective and he comes with the corret Order token. Same question for IG-11 and IG-88. Thanks Justin
  5. Moin, I'd like confirmation of the following statements regarding issuing orders and using command cards with mercenary commanders, to see if I understand everything correctly. I've built a Rebel list with some mercenaries in it. I have a T-47 with Wedge as a field commander for the must of one Rebel commander. Then I have a Capo as a second commander with two squads of Pykes and Din Djarin as an operative. So for mercenary units it is two corps units, one commander and one operative. So I don't need Underworld Connections, everything is per the normal mercenary rules. - Mercenary units can only receive orders from a commander of their own affiliation. So Wedge can't give orders to the Pyke units. - Mercenary commanders can give order to units of their affiliation and all non mercenary units of the faction they are a part of for this game, Rebels in this instance. So since in my list I have Rebels and Pykes and the Capo is also a Pyke he can give orders to any unit in the army using Ploy, Aggression and Discretion. Ploy doesn't give out an order I know but I can put any order token of my army on this card. - Wedge as a Rebel field commander is not able to use Ploy, Aggression and Discretion as he is not a mercenary unit. - Generic command cards and faction command cards such as for example Standing Orders, Ambush and Covering Fire can be used by Wedge as a field commander but also by the Capo. The difference would be that Wedge can only order Rebel units with these and the Capo can order Rebels and his Pykes. Or can the Capo only use the non faction generic command cards Ambush, Push, Offensive and Standing Orders? The faction command cards Sabotaged Communications, Turning the Tide and Covering Fire say "Rebels only" but that refers to the faction of the army. The don't say that you specifically have to nominate a Rebel commander. Can the Capo use these or not? Thank you for your help and greetings from Germany!
  6. For Bounty Hunter cards such as Cad Bane's 2 Pip, "I'm In Control" which orders Cad Bane and 1 unit, can he/they order fellow Bounty Hunters? Another way to ask the question may be; What affiliation are Bounty Hunters?
  7. If my Commander is defeated, can i promote a Mercenary to Commander? Can this Mercenary play faction only generic command cards (aka Roger Roger?)
  8. 1. Can i issue an order to a Merc Operative using the Generic Imperial 1 pip if I do not have underworld connections in my list? 2. If i cannot > Can I still use the card if I cannot order any operatives or special force units?
  9. Can units without an affiliation (eg empire, rebel, CIS, Republic) be issued orders by orders with an affiliation (eg anything mercenary). Affiliation rules only seem to cover affiliated orders recieving orders. Also the Comms relay card states you can issue an order to a friendly unit with no mention of faction or affiliation restriction so can say Cad Bane relay his order to a storm trooper squad?
  10. Sorry if this has already been asked and answered, but the search engine was not helpful. If I have a mercenary unit (e.g. black sun enforcers) on board a transport with on board comm channel, if I give an order to the transport, do the mercenary unit get the order too due to on board comm channel? Or does the mercenary restrictions prevent that. Thank you
  11. Hello since the mercenary rules have been added, Does this have an affect on cad banes command card “I’m in control now”, since it issues an order does this mean he can only issue that order to other rogues (like boba and bossk)? cheers in advance!
  12. Do I need a mercenary commander to use cards such as "ploy" "Aggression" "discretion". If I use them without a mercenary commander to nominate what happens?
  13. Improvised orders does not mentions that the commander it is equipped to is the nominated commander. So could a copy of improvised orders from a mercenary commander be exhausted when he was not the nominated commander to switch the drawn order token?
  14. So I’m no doubt overthinking this, but without AoC a list can only contain 1 mercenary unit for each rank (commander, corps, special forces, support and heavy), but AoC allows you to take 1 extra in one of those categories, correct? Also can mercenary units use the courage value of your commander regardless whether you have AoC or not, you just can’t give out orders to your merc units if you don’t have AoC, correct? Thanks in advance. JP
  15. Hello! Can you issue an order to a mercenary with the discard effect of Lando's Ace Up His Sleeve, even if your army has no "Allies of Convenience" keywords? Thanks, DrPowerSlam
  16. If a commander only has battle meditation, can they order a mercenary unit since it says "any friendly" unit?
  17. When looking at all the Mercenary Command cards I noticed all of them say "You must nominate a mercenary unit." So when I play these specific cards in one of the original 4 armies can I .... A. Nominate any merc unit like a standard pyke/black sun core unit to use the effect of these cards Or B. Do I need to have a Mercenary Comander unit like a Capo or Vigo to use the effects of these cards.
  18. For example, could I take a unit of Black Sun Enforcers as an Imperial, and upgrade them with Gideon Hask or an Imperial Comms Technician?
  19. Hello there! I know your standard merc unit with self preservation can’t check for bravery with a regular factions commander, however I’m wondering if the same is true for non merc units using either the capo or vigo for bravery. In example, a rebel trooper unit has three suppression, is at range 4 of the rebel commander but range 2 of the pyke capo, do the rebel troopers panic or can they use the capos bravery? Thanks in advance!
  20. If you are using Iden for example and decide to infiltrate her and have no other Empire commanders but have a Black Sun Vigo or Pyke Capo, would you still need to nominate another commander (requirement) or could nominate another commander (choice) or neither (vigo and capo fulfill the requirements)? So in this instance, do they (vigo and capo) only not count towards minimums for the purpose of deck building or during the play as well?
  21. Hi! I have a question regarding cards like "pinned down" and "coordinated fire". These cards state "imperial only". Should this be interpreted as the card only being available to the empire faction, or does it also mean that only imperial commanders can be nominated when playing said cards? In other words, could a non-imperial commander, e.g a mercenary commander, be nominated when playing a card like "pinned down"?
  22. "Aggression" card says that i must nominate mercenary. Can i nominate Boba fett for example or i need a commander mercenary?
  23. Can any unit within the shadow collective battle force check for panic with any commander, e.g. pykes check for panic with commander maul, or does it have to be within the same affiliation?
  24. I'm a little bit confused how to use the new mercenary units in existing armies. If I include a unit of Black Sun Enforcers in my Empire army, can they be given orders from the Empire Commander the same as any other unit in the army? Also, can they use the courage value of the Empire commander for the purposes of Panic? Apologies if these seem like silly questions but I'm reluctant to use the mercenaries until I'm confident I know how they work. Thanks
  25. Hello It was already written that Bounty Hunters can give order to allied units from CIS or Empire. But did they do the same with other Mercenary factions like raiders or black Sun? Example1: Cad Bane plays his 2 pip command - can he give an order to near standing Black Sun Enforcers? Example: Cad Bane plays his 1 pip command - can he use Coms Relay and take his command then give it to a Raiders AA5 that stands in range 2? Thanks
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