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Found 11 results

  1. So Mystique is holding a Cosmic Cube. The effect of the Cube dazes her, and she uses Mission Objective to pass the Cube to a nearby Miles Morales. Does Miles suffer the effects of the Cube, and will he take 1 damage and gain 1 power? This came up at a tournament and between us we could not work out the answer from the timing steps. Thanks for your help!
  2. Hi Team, I'm just following up on this. You've stated you intend for this card to be able to played when a character dazes, and will clarify in the future to allow it (as I read it), but we are now approaching 2 years on, and it hasn't been clarified to allow it. Wondering if we can look towards allowing a dazed character to play this card to "hand off" the objective formally. Could we rule that a character can play this card while dazed? It's important, because often the act of dazing will cause the character to take sufficient damage to be able to play the card, causing them to gain power sufficient to play the card.
  3. I know that Black Cat and Enchantress can steal an opponent's herb. My question is, can those characters use Mission Objective to put the opponent's herb onto one of my characters who is already holding my herb and therefore that character is now holding both the opponent's and my herb at the same time? And if they can hold both herbs, do they get +2 to their physical attacks or does that effect not stack upon the herbs?
  4. For example, if character A is within 2 of character B when they would be dazed and pay for Mission Objective, does the extract transfer trigger before Sam's Leadership? Mission Objective triggers when they would drop it, and Sam's lead triggers after the dazing effect is resolved. In this situation, could character B receive the extract before triggering Sam's leadership and moving away?
  5. If antman is on zero power and does his builder, gaining 2 power. After the attack he wud drop a token he is holding (due to changing size) can he spend that two power to play Mission objective to pass the token off or wud it need to be paid prior to the power being gained? Just want to clarify the steps when power is gained and when the power needs to be spend.
  6. A character is holding two cube fragments and has two Stamina remaining. That character will take two damage from the fragments it is holding. The first damage is done, and everything is fine. The second damage is done and this will Daze him, but Mission Objective allows him to pass on the fragment to another character because he "would" drop it. He passes it on to another character and is Dazed. It is still the power phase (Step 3). Does the character who received the fragment now also take damage from the same fragment?
  7. Hi Team, A conversation in a MCP related chat reminded me of this post: It was pending a clarification 12 months ago. Wondering if the ruling on this post is still current, or if that lack of clarification should revert the card to the rules interaction preventing dazed characters from playing Team Tactics cards?
  8. What is the timing of these two cards? If Well-Laid Plans causes a character to drop an objective and Mission Objective is played to give that objective to another character (that did not have one when Well-Laid Plans was played), do dice get rolled against that character as well?
  9. Will using Mission Objective to move an objective token from a character onto Quicksilver satisfy the condition of Difficult to Please? The wording in the rulebook regarding Interact uses the same wording as Mission Objective, but uses the world "place" instead of "pick up" and it's not clear to me that there is a functional difference here. Thanks!
  10. How does Mission Objective work? Option 1: Pay 2 power to play the Card using the active part and then Pay 2 power more to use the reactive parte, so 4 power Option 2: Pay only 2 power to use the active or reactive part of the Card depends on the situation Thanks!
  11. How does the timing work with the reactive part of mission objective. The rule book says dazed characters cannot play team tactics cards.
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