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  1. Hi, Are there any restrictions on the movement of models as they pass through doors, tunnels, under obstacles with a "roof" that is lower than the model height? Is such a move legal? Can the model pass through e.g. a door whose height is lower than that of the model? Can the speeder bike travel through a tunnel with a ceiling lower than the model?
  2. Marvel crisis protocol can i move inside the deployment zone in later turns, i.e. can i move in the deployment zone of my opponent in turn 3
  3. Hi there. Say I have a vehicle with a large base deployed near the edge of the battlefield, trying to move around some terrain, would the vehicle be stuck at the edge, since its base would leave the battlefield when following the movement tool any time it would try to make a turn?
  4. So I saw this sort of brought up under a pre-measure question. The rules for movement say to complete the following steps (see image). A large part of the community seems to think that after you've executed the move (step 4), that you can go back to step 3 if you're not happy with the placement of the model and adjust the movement tool. Is this allowed, and if so what allows you to go back in steps, because I don't think you'd be able to go back in the steps of an attack for instance.
  5. Hi, quick question about movement that came up yesterday: can a unit leader end his movement overlapping the base of one of his own unit's mini base? This would be before cohesion, so that mini would be moved afterwards. I found the part in the cohesion entry that states that I can set aside a mini from the moving unit to facilitate the placement of the movement tool, but that's it.
  6. Is it possible for a small based trooper mini to make a single speed 2 move from within it's deployment zone to make base contact with an objective token that is beyond range 1 of the deployment zone? Thanks
  7. If you use a "bow" effect with a larger than small tool such as [ttc]Deception and you wish to have the affected character (without flying) traverse over a larger terrain, does the character still use its movement tool or use a small (climb)? I am guessing the latter. It probably happens the same as if an effect was not used.
  8. When performing a movement action, do reactive powers that trigger based on that movement "interrupt" the movement (as they do with most other interactions) or do they occur after the movement finished? The question is specifically directed towards movement as the second action, trying to identify whether the activation token is placed before or after the reactive superpower occurs. The main area it is currently relevant is an Injured Bob, Agent of Hydra moving into something like Rockets Booby Traps as his section action.
  9. Hypothetical situation: There are 2 size 5 buildings that are arranged so that they are almost touching corner to corner. In the arrangement, the corners leave a 40mm gap between the building corners. Ultron (who has a 50mm base) is on the ground on one side of the gap. There is a place on the other side of the gap that will fit a 50mm base, and that place is would be a legal movement ending location for Ultron. This place lies along the medium movement tool, if it is slipped in the gap. The movement tool does not overlap any other terrain in this example. Can Ultron use a move action during his activation to this place on the other side of the gap? Or is he stuck (or maybe needing to climb) because his base can't fit? This came up during a friendly learning game, and I can't find any reason why Ultron couldn't do the move in the rules pdf, errata, or on this forum. I know that during a push or throw you bump into things while moving along the template...but I don't see it for advancing.
  10. Theoretically if there is a character on top of a terrain piece (say a daily bugle) that can move long and can place a movement tool on another appropriate terrain piece (say deadpools taco van) and doesn't have fly or wall crawler can they successfully move from the first terrain piece onto the other terrain? The reason for this is that I know advancing off of a terrain doesn't require a small movement tool to be used, but would it cause complications moving onto another terrain? Would terrain or character sizes matter in this kind of scenario?
  11. Does Sinister Traps effect triggers if the model is Placed within range 2 of objective tokens? Broadly speaking is Place cinsidered to be move for game effects? As for example Green Goblin's Trick or Treat mentions "moved or placed".
  12. In the Premeasuring rule, there's the following bulletpoint: Premeasuring does not commit a player to performing any actions. However, if a mini is picked up or moved it must complete that movement. When picking up a mini, does "complete that movement" mean that: A) You have to complete the move you measured for (and can't adjust the movement tool anymore). or B) You have committed to making a move, so you can't change the action you are doing, but can still adjust and move the movement tool. Thanks in advance. o7
  13. On its second action a character pays the power cost and uses the charge super power to move just within range to attack Mysterio. Assuming damage is done by T&T and Mysterio gets to move outside of the attack's range does anything else happen? It seems to me the charging character just paid the power cost for a move action with no refund as there is no language about getting an action back within the tricks & traps super power. As it was the character's second action the turn would end. Is that correct? Thanks in advance.
  14. Hi, I thought that Spider-Tracker works similar to Mysterio's Tricks and Traps, but then I noticed the different wordings. What is the difference between "Move Action" and "Movement"? Does this mean that Spider-Tracker can be triggered when someone uses an ability like Body Slide by one or is pushed or thrown? Thanks in advance.
  15. Greetings, Unit A performs a standard move into melee with unit B who has 1 mini inside a piece of difficult area terrain and one outside. If unit A's unit leader enters base contact with the mini outside of the difficult terrain, with melee cohesion forcing you to place minis into difficult terrain, would you still suffer the effect of difficult terrain with the standard move into melee?
  16. If a ship or squadron move completely out of the play area, where I measure from in order to check distance in case some effect requires it, such as Reserve Hangar Bay?
  17. Red circles symbolize unit. The rectangle is long narrow area difficult terrain. Unit leader is on the left and the rest of minis on the right. Unit leader wants to go left. Q: will this unit move with a speed 1 or speed 2?
  18. Can a squad of Stormtrooper going to the left make a move with a speed 2, or with speed 1 because some of the miniatures are behind difficult terrain (barricades)? I found this in RR and do not know if it applies to barricades: "While performing a standard move, a unit that would move through or enter difficult terrain with any of its minis has its maximum speed reduced by 1, to a minimum of 1." (RR page 39)
  19. 1. Can you please give a clear cut example of what you mean by using the base as measuring device? 2. Is it ok to place your movement template, then place your mini, then check to see if it is within range of a objective before you decide on the models movement or would that be considered using the base as a measuring tool? 3. If number 2 is not correct then how does one make a move to ensure that he/she is in range of a objective without using the base as a measuring tool? 4. If you know you have enough movement to make a move and you just so you just place the range ruler say within range one of a objective then just place the mini are you not using the base as a measurement device? 5. Can rules and examples of movement please make it into the next FAQ preferably with pictures?
  20. Would this reaction superpower work vs superpowers and tactic cards that allow leaps/self throws like Wolverine's tactic card that throws him, Hulk's gamma leap, Black Panther pounce, Cable's body slide, etc and various pushes, where it isn't a movement tool, but a range ruler used? Thanks
  21. Units with Hover:Ground are treated as ground vehicles by other units. However, page49 states it can move through other repulsor vehicles but cannot move through ground vehicles. Page 49 also states While another unit moves, it treats a unit with Hover:Ground as a ground vehicle, and cannot move through that unit unless it is a repulsor unit. Page 60 states a repuslor vehicles mini can move through all types of units So this seems contradictory because of the lack of clarify in "unless it is a repulsor unit". Does that mean the moving unit, or the unit being moved through? So if an AA5 tried to move through an AAT it should be able to because the AA5 is a repuslor vehicle, which can move through all types of units regardless of whether the AAT is a Hover:Ground and treated as a ground vehicle. Is this correct?
  22. Do we treat friendly, and enemy, characters like terrain of the same size for the purpose of placing the movement tool over them to determine how far we can move? For example; can I place the movement tool straight across a character the same size, or smaller, than my current character and advance directly to the other side of the intervening character? Is Wall Crawler, or Flight, always required to advance over / passed other characters?
  23. I am looking for clarification regarding vehicle movement and how that interacts with starting a melee. I understand that vehicles can be in melee, but cannot be engaged, and normally, units without a melee weapon cannot start a melee. However, near the end of the Transport X: Closed entry, it says the following: A vehicle without a [melee symbol] weapon cannot move into base contact with an enemy unit unless it is displacing that unit. Could you describe the movement the vehicle would have to take to fulfill this apparent exception to the rule about a vehicle moving into base contact without a melee weapon? Secondly, would the enemy unit on the receiving end of the base contact from the vehicle complete the 'snapping' steps outlined in the Melee entry in the RRG?
  24. See the attached photo for clarity. In this scenario, I have placed the short movement, and am moving Lockjaw. I have a few questions. 1) Is my use of the range tool here legal? Am I allowed to measure range in the middle of moving a model? 2) If I decide mid-movement that I don't want to move here after all (maybe there's some terrain or other models in the way and I can't fit) can I bend the end of the S tool to a new position? 3) If I want to change the position of the S tool entirely, can I put Lockjaw back down in his original position and rotate it to a new placement?
  25. Good day: Cyclops requires 2 moves to move to the roof of the other building? (size 3) (One to be in contact with the other building and one "S" move). Thank you
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