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Found 9 results

  1. I recently learned that paying to use Dr. Strange's defenders leadership on a rapid fire attack only affects that single "volley"; similarly the same is true for area and beam style attacks: Only one of the attacks in the collection of that action can be empowered. However lets say Daredevil uses Man Without Fear or Venom uses So Many Snacks in retaliation to an attack made against them, can they pay to use the mystic empowerment leadership on their retaliation attack? I'm fairly certain they can, but wanted to be certain and haven't seen anything on this yet. Thanks! (Fingers crossed since DD really needs some help. RIP my Beamfenders list though...)
  2. Mystic Empowerment I saw a previous answer from Nov 2020 that says Doctor Strange can apply Mystic Empowerment to Beam and Area Attacks. I'm not understanding why, as Beam and Area Attacks never choose targets - a clear part of the requirements to use Mystic Empowerment. In order to help figure out what we are missing in our group, please consider the following: A player has a character (for ease of reference, we will say it is Loki) with a Beam or Area Attack. It is his turn, he decides to use that attack. Three enemy characters are under the measurement tool, thus in range of the chosen attack. For the purposes of this question, the three enemy characters have no special distinctions or rules that matter other than that they each have a defensive stat that is lower than the other two defensive stats. Loki (again, just a convenient reference - it does not matter that the charater is in fact Loki, only that the attacking character has a Beam or Area Attack) wishes to take advantage of Mystic Empowerment to make his attacks use the lower defensive stats of the enemy characters who will suffer his attack. The first part of Mystic Empowerment reads: "Once per turn, when an allied character declares an attack, before choosing a target it may spend one Power." The rules for both Area and Beam Attacks instruct the player to follow a different set of rules. The rules for Beam Attacks outright state "instead of declaring a target." The rules for Area Attacks say "The attacking character does't declare a target..." This would mean that Loki cannot take advantage of Mystic Empowerment to change the attack type, as it does not choose any targets. They are simply under the range stick and attacks are resolved against all enemies affected. Is this correct? If not, why not? As always, thanks!
  3. If i am playing defenders and i use the leadership to change the attack to a physical or energy attack and then hood using his cloak superpower am i right in saying that hoods ability triggers after strange's leadership, meaning it will always be mystic when using hoods cloak ability ? and this will be the same for all "use this defence" style ability ??
  4. If an allied Baron Zeemo in Defenders team picks up the book and uses beam attack and changes one of the attacks to physical using Dr. Strange's leadership can he use his Master Swordman superpower to get all rerolls on this attack?
  5. Does Moonknight get a "Chosen of Khonshu" trigger from an an attack that is changed to Mystic with Mystic Empowerment? Does it make any difference if the attack is a beam or area attack?
  6. Hi! According to this I suppose this would be the same scenario, but I prefer to ask: when using a beam attack targetting three different enemy characters, could I modify all the attacks with Mystic Empowerment, or only one of them because of the "once per turn" limit? Thanks!
  7. How does Dr strange's leadership and say punishers rapid fire interact. My gut tells me only the first attack gets changed.
  8. If an enemy Punisher is attacking an ally of Ghost Rider using the Hip Fire attack, at what point or points can Ghost Rider use Wicked's Judgement and Spirit of Vengeance? My understanding of Rapid Fire is that it would occur at 15.a of the attack step, but Ghost Riders abilities would occur at 15.b Does that mean Wicked's judgement couldn't be used until 15.b of the second attack of Hip Fire (the rapid fire attack)? Could you use it on the first attack AFTER the whole second attack is finished? Does the entire Rapid Fire attack occur within the 15.a step of the first attack? Bonus question: Does using Dr Strange's leadership ability Mystic Empowerment on a Hip Fire attack change the first attack or both the first and the rapid fire attack to the chosen attack type?
  9. How does Dr. Strange's leadership work with beams and AoE attacks
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