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Found 19 results

  1. So just for a recent opponent: A)confirming that Mystique's Shapeshifter ability counters X-ceptional healing in that if it's Mystique's activation and she attacks a character with access to X-ceptional Healing, they cannot use it, but it isn't expended. B)Shapeshifter cannot be Shhh'd or No More Mutants because it is innate/always on and not reactive or active. Wish either version Wolverine could overcome Shapeshifter with his heightened senses 😞 He always is a counter to that in the comics, even the movies lol.
  2. Is there an easy way to tell if either part of Mystique's leadership will be able to interact with tokens in the various OP kits/UE scenarios? Since they're not explicitly labelled as S/E always, is there another keyword to watch for to make telling what she can do easier? Thanks as always!
  3. Iron bound books is an active tactics card that provides allied characters the ability to change a physical attack to mystic when targeted. Mystique’s Shapeshifter innate power prevents reactive super powers and tactics cards from being played during her activation. Is there any interaction between Iron Bound Books’ option to change an attack from Physical to Mystic, and Mystique’s Shapeshifter innate power? Does Mystique’s shapeshifter innate power have any bearing on innate super powers during her turn? Example: A convocation player has Iron Bound Books active. Mystique attacks Doctor Strange Sorcerer Supreme, who changes to the attack to mystic. Mystique’s shapeshifter ability does not stop The changing of the attack type allowed by Iron Bound Books. Further, Dr. Strange’s rolling mystic defense against the now mystic attack allows him to use his innate power, Mystic Armor or Strange. Is this example correct?
  4. If I'm running Mystique's leadership, and one of my squad is contesting an secure objective, but so is my opponent. Can I spend the power for "Freedom Force" drop the token on the secure, and it goes away as soon as it's dropped.
  5. I'm new to game and learning key words. I've gathered her ability does not work on some extraction and secure objective? Is there a list? or what key words do I look for to know it does / doesn't work?
  6. Mystique starts the game with her leadership and a token gets put on a secure. Then plays versatile strategy to switch leaderships. Does her token on the objective stay in the game?
  7. If a token has been placed on an objective in a previous turn and is currently in play , and Mystique is KOd , is the token removed from play as well?
  8. Hi, do Leadership abilities supersede what’s on a characters card? Mystiques Leadership grants an Interact ability that heroes normally do not have, does this ability also apply for heroes like Nebula/Honey Badger?
  9. Does mystique interact(objective token) abiiity costs 1 power to use like any other interact action?
  10. Hello Does Mystique token from leadership moves along with Terrigen Clouds and Witness tokens if those are not contested by opponents or does it stay in place where the token was prior to placement of the token?
  11. With Mystique leadership can you drop a token on a secure crisis point replacing the one you already have on another?
  12. Can Mystique play deception during Magneto's activation to move an opponents character and then attack with Magneto regardless if Mystique has activated or not?
  13. Does Mystique get to ignore passive abilities such as Enchantress' Enchanting ability so you don't have to pay the power for her to roll 2 defense dice?
  14. Does Mystique`s leadership ability with placing a token to secure a token overrule the part about having to roll dice equal to physical defense and score more succeses than enemy models present
  15. If I use Mystique’s leadership to secure a witness, securing it in this way has no impact on the objective correct? my secure token would move when the objective token is moved?
  16. Hello, looking for a little clarity on the “Interact (Secure Objective Tokens)” portion of this leadership ability. Does the “You may only have one token in play at a time as a result of this leadership ability” mean 1 token per character or 1 token per team?
  17. Hi! This came up during a game regarding blind obsession when mystique is on the opposing side. So is using the bonus from blind obsession considered "using" the card? Or is "use" in this case only referring to playing the card? Im guessing the same question can come up during other cards (or powers?) that are reactive but have a lasting affect in the game.
  18. The second part of Mystique's leadership ability allows allies to make a special interact action with secures, which places a token that allows you to secure the objective without contesting. My question is what happens regarding this token when Mystique is KO'd and removed from the board? Does the token get removed or does it remain?
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