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Found 15 results

  1. Can you stack tokens that are put in play? I want to elaborate more on what I mean by stacking. Can tokens can be placed on top of another when placed into play. Such as in fire lanes it reads, "After placing obstacles, the second player places 3 objective tokens in the setup area beyond distance 4 of both players' edges." but the card does not give a minimum distance from each other token to be placed. Other objective cards like Salvage Run do specifically state that objective tokens need to be minimum of distance 1 from each other. In fire lanes, if there is no minimum distance from each other that the objective tokens have to be placed, can all 3 objective tokens be placed on the same spot, one at a time,"beyond distance 4 of both players edges?" and therefore placed one on top of the other, resulting in 2 or even all 3 tokens placed (stacked) on the same spot? Do any move effects, such as strategic, move all the tokens stacked on it in the same way an obstacle with tokens move together? Example 1: When playing fire lanes, can all three objective tokens be stacked? If I move the bottom token with strategic, would the stacked tokens also move with it? Example 2: Can a proximity mine or ignition token be placed on top of an objective token, and if that objective token is moved with strategic, does the stacked token also move? Thanks.
  2. If Bane used "I make the rules" to leave his token behind (in deployment zone) and goes to claim a hostage or supplies... If his token is then revealed on a later turn after he claimed hostage / supplies do the hostage / supplies go with him (to the deployment zone token) or are they left behind?
  3. Hello, In the Objective Token section of the RRG, one bullet point says "The token will remain in base contact with the unit leader as it moves around the battlefield" and in the next bullet point it says "After a player's unit leader with a claimed objective token performs a move, that player picks up the claimed objective token and places it anywhere in base contact with the unit leader." My question is, can a unit leader with a claimed objective token move to the place where the objective token currently is (similar to how you can move other minis in the unit out of the way) or does the after performing a move point mean that the token stays in position until the leader is done moving, thus preventing the leader from moving to that position since objective tokens cannot be overlapped? Thanks!
  4. Hi, When playing Hostage exchange can a unit with the object token and hostage card embark/desembark form an open or closed transport? Thanks Justin
  5. If you are playing sabotage the moisture evaporators and you are using the models does it still count as a basic objective token? Can it block LOS if using the EVAP model?
  6. does SLDD leadership allow rerolls when opponent is next to the evac point on researcher and the empty safe houses on senators? I guess the real question is are those objectives and being contested?
  7. If you are playing Alien Ship/Skrulls/Senators and a character is within 1 of the rubble pile/decoy/safe house, are they considered contesting an objective for the purposes of Nebula trigger Assassin so she can reroll all her dice?
  8. If a character would attempt to use the portal they drop all objective tokens they may be holding. Who resolves his drop? Is it always your opponent?
  9. Hi, i didn't find anything in rrg, soo i came here) Can unit with claimed token (In hostage exchange and recovery supplies missions) make embark action? If yes, does it mean that he didn't lose claimed tokens?
  10. I apologize if this question has been answered before but when interacting with a token are you limited to one interaction with that token type (ergo you can only interact with one secure and one extraction token from each crisis). Or does it mean that you can only interact with a token 1 time each turn (for example a character that is carrying 2 hammers is dazed, would a single character be able to pick up both hammers or can they only pick up one of them?) so a character can interact with every token on the board, but can only do so once. I apologize again if this has been answered but I wanted to make sure we were doing this correctly or not.
  11. Character attacks with an attack that allows the character to move/advance medium after the attack is resolved. When damage is dealt during this attack, the target would daze. Target character is holding an asset / citizen. Can the attacking character interact to pick up the dropped token before or after the medium move?
  12. Hey TP > thanks for answering my questions :). If i force push a unit with an Objective attacked hostage into Melee range, do i choose where the objective goes? Do the troopers get placed in Melee before the objective? Or can i place the objective against my force user and then the troops?
  13. If a unit that can displace enemies has an objective token, a bomb from bombing run, for instance, and it moves such that it displaces an enemy model (or models), does the objective token get placed first, or does the displaced model (or models)?
  14. Can I move an objective tokens out of the play area? Or what about an obstacle? Thanks!
  15. The first part of Red Mayhem says to 'roll a die for each objective token contested..' Can I confirm that extract tokens are also 'objective tokens' and that the rules for contesting affect all 'objective tokens' including extract tokens and interact secures?
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