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Found 10 results

  1. 1) When the entity takes damage because the attacker got all artifact to alter, doed that entity get power for that damage? 2) Do the artifacts count as extract objectives for the purpose of Mystique's leadership?
  2. Can a Spider Droid or Droidekas help hold an objective to score? In skirmish Control or Pivotal Positions. If either are at range 1 or on base contact depending on the scenario. Can they score?
  3. After I control an Objective, can I move the character that interacted with the Objective away from it and still keep the control over it? I mean, can I keep the control over the Objective even if I do not have any character within R1 from it?
  4. When do players reveal their objectives? Can the second player know what objectives the first player had chosen for his fleet? Thanks!!
  5. If a unit panic's can it still claim objectives? Say, a unit panic's but is still within Range 1 of an objective, like Intercept the Transmissions, after its move action? What if a unit with an objective token leaves the table, does it drop the objective at the board edge? Can a unit with a claimed objective Drop/Unclaim the objective if it becomes panicked?
  6. Scenario 1: Character is within Range 1 of 2 or more, of the same, asset token. Does the character spend; 1 to interact and pickup all of the extracts in range or 1 power per asset token in range? Scenario 2: Character is within Range 1 of 2 Cosmic Cube Fragments, and 1 Chimichanga. Does the character spend; 1 to interact and pickup all 3 of the Tokens or 2 power to pick up the 3 tokens (1 for each asset name) or 3 power to pick up the three tokens? (1 for each token picked up)
  7. Hello! Let's see if I can make myself clear: First: Being in base contact is important for some interactions. With an enemy model to start a melee, with an objective or condition token to claim it or get supplies, or with a terrain piece for objectives or conditions like Key Positions or Hostile Environment. Second: When you perform a move, you should first place the movement tool, adjust it and then execute, moving the miniature along the path created. Also, if it is obvious that the mini will be unimpeded while moving along the path created by the movement tool, the mini can be placed directly at its final destination. (Page 58 of the current RRG) Sometimes would be desirable to move into base contact with multiple elements. For example, engaging in melee with an enemy unit while touching an objective token. Or touching both a terrain piece and a condition token. Or two tokens that are close. Strictly following the rules if you want to end your movement touching two elements you should try to "aim" the movement tool so the end position fits exactly where you want it to be, touching both elements. It requires a precision almost impossible to achieve, because maybe you touch one element and end 1mm short to the other, or you overlap one of the tokens so you could not end the movement there. Question is (considering tournament gameplay): Can you execute a move where you'll be touching two elements at the same time? Thank you very much!
  8. How should it be handled when an objective token would be placed according to the crisis layout, but cannot be physically placed on top of a piece of terrain (example: won’t balance) and the terrain is too large for any character to interact with it (example: extends beyond range one in every direction but characters are unable to be placed on the terrain piece)? In most cases the objective could be placed under the terrain, but there are cases when this would fully obscure the objective token and make measurement difficult.
  9. According to the rulebook "When a character holding one or more objective tokens is Dazed or Ko'd, they drop all objective tokens they were holding. (...) The opposing player of the character that dropped the tokens places them". What happens for characters as Ant-Man or the Wasp who will drop objectives when changing to tiny? Does the opposing player still place the tokens?
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