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Found 8 results

  1. Hi the new addition to the rrg concerning starting on an obstacle confuses me a bit. To be precise this part: • Before a ship moves, if it is at range 0 of an obstacle, it does not suffer the effects of that obstacle unless it overlaps that obstacle again. • Before a ship moves, if it is overlapping an obstacle, it does not suffer the effects of moving through that obstacle. So can you please explain the following scenario. Ship Z sits right in the middle of an asteroid in the way that the movement tool will overlap the asteroid but it will not end its turn on the asteroid again. a) It does take the effect (so 1 dmg + roll for additional dmg) when moving off the asteroid b) It does not take the effect of the asteroid again when moving
  2. As pero the rules, tokens move with an obstacle if they are on top of it. But are they also removed if the obstacle is? (proximity mines, ignition token) If no, what rules dictates how to place it after removing the obstacle?
  3. Is the debris field that came with the Imperial Raider in the 1.0 release (looks like a broken Gozanti) legal in any format?
  4. An exorgorth must be touching a non-exogorth obstacle, correct?
  5. Please clarify the modified TIE/ln (scum) Notched stabilizers: While you move you ignore asteroids. The rules reference FAQ does a good job explaining "ignore obstacles" to include overlapping, moving through and barrel rolling. Does the modified TIE/ln only ignore the effects of an asteroid if it completely moves through? What if it overlaps the asteroid? Is there a situation where the modified TIE would take damage from an asteroid? Can the modified TIE/ln barrel roll over or through an asteroid? Thank you for your time.
  6. If a ship with False Transponder Codes attempts to lock an enemy ship and non are in range, meaning it has to lock an obstacle in range(lets say a debris field), does Codes trigger and you jam said debris field even though it has no affect?
  7. I recently bought a 1st edition Raider, which includes 3 debris clouds that is not included in any of the 2nd edition packs. Can I use these debris clouds in a 2nd edition game?
  8. I can lock an obstacle - a common tactic used to prevent jam effects later in game. False transponder codes says that if I lock an 'object' then spend a charge and apply a jam to the locked object. Do I spend my false transponder codes if I lock an obstacle?
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