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Found 12 results

  1. When playing Nick Fury in Separation Anxiety, who is your opponent for the purposes of Last Line of Defense?
  2. During the Cleanup phase in DDoD the Attacker has Backup! which reads as in the photo Is the order of Flip Closed Portals to Open then Bring in Reserves equal to # of Open Portals + 3 Threat onto the battlefield, or should they re-open after the # of Portals + 3 calculated?
  3. Hi. In CK09, can the defenders interact with the Artefacts and can they be stolen from an attacker by an effect, for example by Quicksilver or Blackcat? If so, what happens to them? Thanks!
  4. 1) When the entity takes damage because the attacker got all artifact to alter, doed that entity get power for that damage? 2) Do the artifacts count as extract objectives for the purpose of Mystique's leadership?
  5. Do you score 2vps per character with a shard contesting the amplifier, or is it 2vps per amplifier you are contesting?
  6. This feels like a dumb question, but if in the OP kit scenarios with Attacker/Defender if there's not an interact listed for a token type for that side is it correct that they can't interact with it at all? I understand that they could steal an objective token with Black Cat or Enchantress and they would drop it when dazed, but they can't do anything else with it from another thread on that subject.
  7. During the Dormammu UE, a Dark portal is closed and the crisis team draws "Banishment" from the spell deck and perform the following attack. Dormammu becomes daze and is removed from the table but the card says damage from this attack can't be prevented by the being from another dimension special rule. That special rule is what allows them to respawn so does this mean that he doesn't come back and is ko'ed? And I auto loss cause they pulled the God card(which I'm fine with since it felt thematic lol)
  8. Hi there, Couldn't see this question already being asked, the wording on the Attacker Backup! seems to suggest that the total value must match the characters brought into play exactly, does that mean that you cannot bring a 4 cost into play if you hold 2 portals, it would have to either be a 5 cost or a 3 and a 2? Didn't want to house rule it if the exact amount was intentional. Thanks!
  9. Are Infinity war League crisis cards legal for normal game play? Or they just for the special game play?
  10. Is there an updated document to the 'Tournament Regulations 2.0' dated 13Apr2020 ? I don't see a link on the Atomic Mass Games document reference page. Is this document no longer valid, or is there an updated version? Assuming it's still valid, I suppose that would obviously exclude the new rules changes referenced in the 'Star Wars Legion Rules Reference 2.0.2'. Thanks
  11. For the dormammu OP kit, when you transfer the entity card does it automatically flip the character to their injured side? Or is that only if the chosen character is dazed? The wording is confusing.
  12. Looking at the maps I don't see where the deployment zones are. I'm assuming top and bottom of the image, but has this been clarified anywhere? Thanks!
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