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Found 9 results

  1. Hi A Spider-Foe affiliated Super Giant use Oscorp Weaponry on an enemy Doctor Octopus and rolls a Crit. Does it mean both Super Giant and Doctor Octopus gain one power each? Thanks in advance!
  2. If Mysterio uses Oscorp Weaponry (Green Goblin leadership) to reroll an opposing defense die will Mysterio gain a power from Master of Illusions if the reroll result is a blank? If Doctor Octopus uses Oscorp Weaponry to reroll an opposing defense die will Doctor Octopus gain a power from Scientific Hubris if the reroll result is a critical?
  3. Oscorp Weaponry leadership: “Once per turn, while an allied character is attacking, during the Modify Opponent’s Dice step, it may reroll 1 opposing defense die.” if I have multiple characters attacking in the same turn can each character use the leadership once per turn, or is it restricted to once per turn total??
  4. Are x-force/spider foes leaderships once per turn, or once per character per turn? Trying to parse the difference in wording between these 2 affiliations, and why they are different.
  5. If Scarlet Witch is part of Miles Morales’ Web Warriors team and contesting an objective, can Green Goblin’s leadership ability force her to reroll a failure result?
  6. What step is cover applied? I have a situation where Green Goblin forces a reroll to the defender's rolls at 9b.i but can he force a re-roll of cover (if it's the only defensive success rolled, since he could force a reroll of any others otherwise)? It appears cover is applied by the defender on step 9.a.ii Thanks!
  7. With the new clarification for reroll effects, how does this affect Oscorp Weaponry? The leadership says: "it can spend 1(power) when modifying opposing defense dice." So do you still pay in step 10 or does the payment happen sooner (step 6) as per the other clarification?
  8. What is the interaction from Oscorp Weaponry with Reality Gem / Probability Manipulation? Easier example with Reality Gem, but same works for Probability Manipulation, as soon as I am rolling one more Skull, then I can treat as a crit: Reality Corvus is rolling 2 Skull. Green Goblin uses Oscorp Weaponry against a Skull, what happens? A) He can explicitly choose to let Corvus reroll the crit-skull, possibly resulting in one less block? B) Or will Corvus just treat the second Skull as a crit. Possibly even resulting in one more block then he had before. Thanks Sonny
  9. With oscorp weaponry, it states you may re-roll one opposing defense die. Do you make that re-roll before or after your opponent has rolled extra dice for his criticals?
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