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Found 16 results

  1. Since Collision Detector says, "While you boost or barrel roll, you can move through and overlap obstacles." Can a ship equipped with the Collision Detector upgrade be tractored onto an obstacle?
  2. Hello, we recently used the rooftop of the A-A5 Speedtruck to place a mandalorian super commandos unit there. A-A5 was already trasnporting a unit. Suddenly a Luke Skywalker goes into melee with the mandos, an a fight developed in the rooftop (see attached image to get the idea). I have a few questions: Does that described situation is legal?, I mean placing a unit above the A-A5, and then a Crazy Luke performing a charge and entering melee combat? If I can have a unit above the A-A5, when the truck moves, it moves that unit too? (while transporting another unit in the interior) Thank you in advance for the answers!
  3. Two questions demonstrated by a scenario. A ship's maneuver would cause it to overlap a U-Wing at the front of the base. After resolving the "bump," and placing the ships at range zero of each other, the U-Wing executes a Stop 🛑 maneuver. Are the ships still at range zero of each other? Did the U-Wing overlap the enemy ship by stopping, thus limiting it's action to a red focus? Does using the configuration to rotate make a difference?
  4. Hi the new addition to the rrg concerning starting on an obstacle confuses me a bit. To be precise this part: • Before a ship moves, if it is at range 0 of an obstacle, it does not suffer the effects of that obstacle unless it overlaps that obstacle again. • Before a ship moves, if it is overlapping an obstacle, it does not suffer the effects of moving through that obstacle. So can you please explain the following scenario. Ship Z sits right in the middle of an asteroid in the way that the movement tool will overlap the asteroid but it will not end its turn on the asteroid again. a) It does take the effect (so 1 dmg + roll for additional dmg) when moving off the asteroid b) It does not take the effect of the asteroid again when moving
  5. I want to ensure I am referencing this right, given that the Cracken errata takes place in the Engagement Phase and overlapping takes place in Activation. 1) Ship activates and overlaps enemy ship. 2) Ship overlap rule; "If the overlapped ship was an enemy ship, if it is not stressed, it may immediately perform a Focus or Calculate action from its action bar, treating the action as red. If resolving this single sentence rule without interrupt, ship resolves "Immediately" verbiage and receives a stress token. 3) Baze Malbus card is not a replacement effect as it does not use the words “would” and “instead.” Therefore, it enters no action queue ahead of overlap effect being resolved. 4) Ship completes the Immediately granted focus from overlap and receives a stress token. This is where the timing of Baze's ability comes into question. 5) Baze first sentence states "While you perform a action, you may treat it as red." Per the Card Interpretation rules; Use of “May,” “Can,” and “Must” The word “may” is used to mean “has the option to.” So when does Baze's ability become relevant in the Activation phase as it relates to the rules for Overlapping? How does he have the option to treat the red focus as red if it is already red? Thanks!
  6. When Arvel Crynyd's ability is used to resolve a failed bump as though the ship were partially executing a maneuver instead, would he need to roll for damage if he is boosting into a friendly/allied ship?
  7. I am new to planning on using the coordinate action and just wanted to clarify a couple of points. When you coordinate another ship after measuring range can you pick a friendly ship that bumped an enemy ship or can you pick a ship that landed on an obstacle to perform the action? Thank you!
  8. As I understand things, if a mine has a fuse placed upon it, the first ship to overlap or move through the mine, the fuse would be removed and the mine would not detonate. However, what if a ship moved through the mine, but stopped short such that it came to rest with the base overlapping the mine as well. In that case, the mine would be moved through AND overlapped as part of the same move. Does the mine detonate in that case where the moving through the mine removes the fuse, but the end position with the overlap cause the mine to then detonate?
  9. Assuming a ship ended its previous turn on an obstacle, does that ship suffer the effect of the obstacle on the following turn if: 1. The ship's leading edge is outside the edge of the obstacle. Thus, the movement template would not be placed on obstacle during the Movement Phase. 2. The ship's leading edge is still on the obstacle. The movement template would be place on a portion of the obstacle during the Movement Phase. I'm unsure of the answers to the above because of the rule Before a ship moves, if it is at range 0 of an obstacle, it does not suffer the effects of that obstacle unless it moves through or overlaps that obstacle again.
  10. My friend and I found ourselves in an odd situation. Kingpin is standing between Hawkeye and Wasp; Hawkeye is Dazed. Kingpin, as part of Hail to the King, throws Wasp at Hawkeye (as that's the only way to damage her with the throw within range). Two minor questions I think I know the answer to, plus one 'main' question. Minor 1) Throwing a character at a dazed character. My read is that nothing happens to the Dazed character (they're as beat up as they can be), but the thrown character still suffers from the collision. Is that correct? Minor 2) Kingpin is in the way, but as per Page 17 of the rulebook: "Ignore the character performing the throw and any terrain features the thrown character started overlapping when determining a thrown character’s collisions." So I assume Kinpin can throw Wasp through himself, no problem. The Big Question: Wasp is well within range to collide with Hawkeye per the movement tool, but she can't land next to him because Kingpin is in the way. So as per Overlapping on Page 15, "If a character is thrown or pushed and would end that movement overlapping another character’s base or a terrain feature, it stops along the movement tool at the last position that was not overlapping a character’s base or a terrain feature." The question, then: Does she still suffer a collision with Hawkeye, even though she has now "bounced" back to the opposite side of Kingpin?
  11. If a Huge\Epic Ship overlaps a Electro-Chaff Cloud, is the cloud removed from game, or do you remove one fuse marker from the cloud?
  12. If a ship with a lower initiative bumps into my YV-666 then I perform a zero stop maneuver after using contraband cybernetics do I still get to perform an action even with a ship at range 0?
  13. Hi, If a bx commando puts down a charge token and then a ground vehicle moves onto it. Does the charge token have los to the ground vehicle overlapping it? Also if a hover ground vehicle or a hover air vehicle overlaps a charge token from the bx cammando unit does that charge token have los to the hover ground vehicle or hover air vehicle? Thanks and sorry if this has been asked. I looked through the whole forum and did not see it. dan
  14. If the base guide nubs are not counted when finding attack range, are they also not counted when seeing if a ship will bump into another ship?
  15. Hello newer player seeking clarity on some vehicle movement. In the picture below is this a legal movement for the tank? If so Does it displace the B1's? If the tank was there before hand could the b1's move under it? Thank you!
  16. (Scenario 2 should read "Not enough room between terrain and C for B to fit) These scenarios are often understood to cause a rewind effect, meaning the collision from the throw still occurs, but the model moves back to the last legal position. I'm not sure how to come to this conclusion without outside input though Throw reads to me as all "present tense" checks and overlap reads to me as a "future tense" check, so I'm not sure why overlapping doesn't trump throw. Overlap would almost even seem to be setting up a can't vs can scenario. Throw says you can perform this movement (due to it allowing you to ignore certain things) Overlapping says if the movement your performing with your throw would cause you to overlap something at the end of it, you can't finish that movement I'd just like to see the end ruling and the way to understand that myself from reading the book.
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