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Found 18 results

  1. Hi. How does Summa-verminoth interacts with theses cards when equipped to ships that ram it ? - Chart Officer - Jaina's Light Thanks
  2. If a ship (or squadron) overlaps an obstacle when do you resolve the effect of overlapping that obstacle?
  3. If a ship overlaps an obstacle while executing a maneuver can the ship resolve other effects that happen "after executing a maneuver" before resolving the effect of overlapping the obstacle? e.g. Can Demolisher land on an asteroid and shoot before it explodes?
  4. Hello, The Rules Reference tells us this about Chart Officer: If a ship with this card equipped overlaps more than one obstacle, it can ignore the effects of each obstacle. If the ship chooses to ignore the effects of one obstacle that it overlaps, it must ignore the effects of all obstacles it overlaps. Does the same apply to Jaina's Light? If Jaina's Light chooses to ignore the effect of an asteroid it overlaps, must it also ignore the effect of a station (if it overlaps both)?
  5. Can a medium sized base (Venom, Goblin ,etc ) end their move on top of a car from the core set ? I seem to remember seeing this clarified as an example some time ago, but can no longer find the source.
  6. Dangerous territory : “Special Rule: When a ship overlaps an obstacle, the ship's owner may remove the objective token on that obstacle to gain 1 victory token. (…)” Infested fields : “Special Rule: When a ship or squadron overlaps an obstacle, that ship or squadron's owner may remove the objective token on the obstacle to gain 1 victory token. (…)” Asteroid tactics: “Special Rule: When one of the first player's ships or unique squadrons overlaps an asteroid field, it may recover 1 of its non-Scatter defense tokens. That token must be exhausted. (…)” Are those “Dangerous territory”, “Infested fields” and “Asteroid tactics” special rules effects of overlapping obstacles? This should be quite important to know when Jaina’s Light is in the play area: if the answer is “yes”, if Jaina’s Light ignore the effects of overlapping obstacles when it overlaps an obstacle with an objective token on it (Dangerous territory and Infested fields), the ship’s owner should not be able to remove that objective token to gain 1 victory token. The issue is quite the same with asteroids field and recovering defense token with Asteroid tactics.
  7. Can a Decimator, equipped with the Dauntless title, bump into an enemy ship take the red focus allowed when being blocked by an enemy ship and also perform any action on its action bar for a second stress?
  8. Hi! So I had a weird edge case come up last night and neither me or my opponent were sure what the correct way to resolve it was. Here's the situation: Kingpin and Captain Marvel are on the roof of the NYC Apartment Building, She-Hulk is on the ground with her base right up against and touching the side of the building. My opponent activates Kingpin and uses Street-Level Negotiations to throw Captain Marvel medium and is able to position the movement tool so that it would cause a collision with She-Hulk except that Captain Marvel's base would still be on the roof of the building. Normally we probably would have hand waved away the thematic disconnect and said the collision occurs and Captain Marvel would be placed on the very edge of the building so that a top down view would make She-Hulk and Captain Marvel's bases appear to be in contact, but because of the lip of the roof on the apartment building Captain Marvel cannot be placed teetering on the edge. So because she can't be placed at the edge of the terrain and therefore couldn't be "in contact" with She-Hulk's base on the ground would a collision be able to occur here? In the moment we thought a fair compromise was to throw Captain Marvel at a slightly different angle and place her on the ground near She-Hulk and have Captain Marvel take 1 damage as if she had suffered a collision (hitting the ground after being thrown off 3 stories seems like it should hurt a little), but have nothing happen to She-Hulk. Obviously that's not the correct outcome, but it seemed fair to both of us since neither knew what should have happened and we wanted to keep the game moving.
  9. Is it possible to place a miniature as per the attached imagine? Or does the base be entirely within the edge of the terrain feature?
  10. Sorry to ask this but is this a legal placement of a model (Kingpin) or is this model not legally placed because he is hanging over the edge. Some say he is still over the terrain piece as a whole, but I believe that isn't the intent of the rule. The model should not be over hanging the surface that it is placed upon ie he can't stand on that platform on the truck because he is hanging over the edge.
  11. If a Ship (or Squadron, Token etc.) is entirely overlapping an Obstacle are the Ship and Obstacle "at distance 1/close range" and/or "within distance 1/close range" of each other? E.g. if a ship is entirely overlapping the rift in Rift Assault (and is speed 1 or lower), does it suffer the damage card from the objective and is its speed temporarily reduced by one when it resolves its "Determine Course" step? [Also potentially relevant to Minefields (placing tokens entirely on obstacles), Abandoned Mining Facility, Contested Outpost, Doomed Station and Holonet Override (if you are really careful and can get a ship entirely on the station), Hired Scum (deploying squadrons entirely on obstacles), and Rift Ambush.] It was a weird edge case that came up on the Discord a few days ago - if you could fit something entirely on an obstacle was it still "at" distance 1 of it. The rules for measuring distance don't really cover that situation as Armada has no distance 0 (and it is hard to measure "closest point to closest point" when all points are touching). Or perhaps a better way of putting it is: If a ship or squadron is entirely overlapping an obstacle, at first glance it would seem that no portion of it is inside the distance 1 (or close range) band of the obstacle, as it is all closer than that. But then we're getting into infinitesimals and so on. Basically I was just looking for something to confirm that weird edge case that things that are entirely overlapping are still at distance 1 of each other.
  12. My friend and I found ourselves in an odd situation. Kingpin is standing between Hawkeye and Wasp; Hawkeye is Dazed. Kingpin, as part of Hail to the King, throws Wasp at Hawkeye (as that's the only way to damage her with the throw within range). Two minor questions I think I know the answer to, plus one 'main' question. Minor 1) Throwing a character at a dazed character. My read is that nothing happens to the Dazed character (they're as beat up as they can be), but the thrown character still suffers from the collision. Is that correct? Minor 2) Kingpin is in the way, but as per Page 17 of the rulebook: "Ignore the character performing the throw and any terrain features the thrown character started overlapping when determining a thrown character’s collisions." So I assume Kinpin can throw Wasp through himself, no problem. The Big Question: Wasp is well within range to collide with Hawkeye per the movement tool, but she can't land next to him because Kingpin is in the way. So as per Overlapping on Page 15, "If a character is thrown or pushed and would end that movement overlapping another character’s base or a terrain feature, it stops along the movement tool at the last position that was not overlapping a character’s base or a terrain feature." The question, then: Does she still suffer a collision with Hawkeye, even though she has now "bounced" back to the opposite side of Kingpin?
  13. With grappling struts, do you suffer the effects of the asteroid/debris could when you first overlap them (before they activate)?
  14. Hi, I was wondering if you when you use Adaptive Ailerons and you overlap obstacles do you still take the effects of obstacles? For instance do you lose your perform action step before you execute your dial maneuver? Or do you still get your actions since you have not revealed your dial yet? Thank you!
  15. When a character Transforms can they place the the new form of themself overlapping (but within Range 1) of their previous form? Example: Can Ant-Man Transform from Tiny to Normal but remain in the same (or almost the same) position as long as the new form is within Range 1 of his previous form? Thank you
  16. Hi! If a character is uploaded on a scenery element, can it be Throwed or pushed? Thanks
  17. Hi, the fit rule specify the character has to be able to balance, but the movement specifies it cannot overlap a terran feature, my question is, is this position of venom legal? Because if not, then venom ro hulk would never be able to stand on top of a car
  18. Still bit more clarification needed, though this has been asked previously, but I see this being played wrong all the time (afaik). 1) Are you allowed to measure your movement with base of the miniature? Meaning, you first move the mini somewhere along the movement stick, then using range tool reposition the miniature (relating to 1 more more miniatures). As it has been said many times, base is not a measuring tool, so before moving the miniature are you expected to remove range tool from the board? 2) Overlapping versus balancing. This seems to be constantly played in a different way I think it should. Consider a building with width of 50 mm. According to overlapping rule, Hulk with 60 mm base cannot be positioned on the top of it, even though it can easily be balanced there, correct?
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