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Found 25 results

  1. After a unit with overrun moves through a vehicle and lands inside the vehicle's weakpoint arc, does the overrun attack gain impact from the weakpoint keyword? If the overrun unit starts its move inside the weakpoint arc and ends its move outside the weakpoint arc, does the overrun attack gain impact from the weakpoint keyword?
  2. Sorry for a stupid question, but how many dice are in the pool during overrun? As formally only unit leader is making the move
  3. Does overrun use up an action? Compulsory move with Swoop Bikes, takes you over a unit, you use overrun on them. Can you then shoot them as well, with one of your actions?
  4. If a unit with the Overrun X keyword, during its compulsory move, moves over multiple units, but, cannot complete its compulsory move even when moving backwards along the movement tool and takes damage that equals or exceeds its wounds threshold and becomes defeated can it still perform its Overrun attack.
  5. Hello there! Fluttercraft Bombardier has Immune: Deflect, so Deflect and any Force user variant can't be used to cause wounds. But Swoop Bikes do not have Immune: Deflect. Since the Overrun attack is neither a melee nor a ranged attack: - Deflect or Ataru can NOT cause wounds to the attacker, because they do that on ranged attacks. Soresu and Djem So CAN "deflect" because it just says "during an attack" Am I right? Thank you very much!
  6. Hello!, Quick question about overrun dice pool. While moving my swoop bikes just displaced one (1) mini of an enemy unit. Does the dice pool forms only for that mini displaced, or for the full unit? Example of this: Displaced one mini, so dice pool is 1 red and 2 whites?, or since the unit of the displaced mini is a 4 minis unit, the dice pool is 4 red and 8 white dices just by dicplacing or goinig through 1 mini in the unit? Thanks!
  7. Do you need to displace a mini to do an overrun attack , or dose passing over a mini you can do an overrun attack ?
  8. Overrun weapons state that they can be used when bases of miniatures overlap during the movement of the a attacker. How does this work with terrain? For example the wookie Fluttercraft flies over a piece of terrain with a trooper unit in/under it. Can I still over run? Furthermore if the fluttercraft finishes movement on a terrain piece which models are under. Can an over run be performed? And how does the Blast of the ability of the weapon fit into this?
  9. Hi Overrun isnt ranged attack so cover from suppresion doesnt work? So danger sense cant be use too? Units can use the DANGER SENSE X keyword while defending against both ranged and melee attacks. Thx
  10. In the RRG Overrun reads, “…A unit with an overrun weapon can immediately perform an overrun attack after it performs a move in which one or more of its miniature’s bases overlapped an enemy miniature’s base.…” Does that mean unit A can overrun unit B as long as unit A had passed by unit B and while unit A was passing by it was within cohesion distance of unit B? So it’s not just the base of the leader mini in unit A as it passes along it’s movement tool, but the leader mini plus the second mini that is in cohesion and following its leader mini? I hope that makes sense.😅
  11. Does Overrun stack like a keyword such as Ram? So for example will swoop bikes be able to make 2 overrun attacks in one turn as long as there are two minis left in the unit? I suspect not - but if not why not?
  12. Hi Can i cancel hit by overrun with dodge? I read that shield not working Thx
  13. Can a unit that moves through an open transport make an overrun attack on the occupants that are being transported?
  14. Can you use Overrun against a unit with keyword "speeder"? The question was raised when a fluttercraft passed over the base of another fluttercraft. However speeder bikes and T47 airspeeders would definately fit in the same category. The LAAT does not have the speeder keyword but can overrun be used against these as well.
  15. If the fluttercraft chooses to use it's compulsory at the end of it's activation, and displaces a unit, can it use overrun attack? Even those compulsory is at the end of it's activation.
  16. Hi, can you clarify this portion of the overrun attack? "moved through an enemy unit" Does that mean the actual movement tool needs to go through an enemy unit, or is it based on if the base of the Gnasp goes over and through an enemy unit.
  17. Hello There! A Fluttercraft moves through R2 with a suppression token and another enemy unit. Can you target R2 with your Overrun attack or you must attack the other enemy unit because of inconspicuous? Thank you!
  18. Hello There! If a unit is under a terrain piece that features any kind of "celing" (an arch, a building where you con put models inside, multi level structures, etc) what happen if you move over them, can you perform an overrun attack on them? Thank you!
  19. Hi Fluttecraft is going on platform on high1 and stay there. Flutte stay there ca 50% base. Below platform on ground stay stormtrooper. 1. Can fluttecraft makes overrun? 2. Next move fluttecraft is flying again. Can it attack overrun again the same unit stormtrooper? Last soldier is direct under fluttecraft. Im not sure how i should understand throught the unit in this situation Thx
  20. When making an overrun attack, can the defending unit use shield tokens to cancel hits/crits?
  21. Hello There! When you determine LOS for a Overrun attack? I understand that the attack is actually made by the unit with the Overrun keyword, but it is NOT a Ranged Attack. Does it mean that a hidden mini on the defending unit can still suffer wounds? Or you need LOS to that? Thank you very much!
  22. Hello There! When a unit with Overrun moves through an enemy trooper unit who is engaged in melee, can that enemy unit be selected for an Overrun attack? Thank you!
  23. Can an overrun attack be performed after a standby move?
  24. Reading the overrun x keyword, it states that it is an attack, and not an attack action. So, just to clarify, a unit with overrun x can perform up to x overrun attack and would still be able to perform his normal attack as well. Is this correct? Thank you
  25. I know we haven't been shown any unit with Overrun X yet but can we perform the attack against multiple units if multiple units are displaced by the same move action or do we have to pick just one. If a friendly unit is displaced by the same move action as well do we have to choose if we are going to perform the attack against none of the units or all of the units including the friendly one. Thanks
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