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Found 20 results

  1. Does a unit who has declared using burst of speed then fails to rally and panicks run at speed 3? If an unit with burst of speedhave to use it if they panic?
  2. Hello, If a unit is paniced (i.e failed its rally in a previous round and still has enough suppresion to have a panic token), can a command card that has "this unit may perform a free recover action" allow that unit to recover? Or does the panic token prevent the free action? If so i assume the same is true for things like new ways to motivate them, or guidance from yoda? Finally, cards like Veers Imperial dicipline do not state "free recover action", can a paniced unit recover from this effect due to the lack of the "action" wording?
  3. If I have a unit with a panic token on it, can my opponent force push it into a melee? Or does the panic token prevent that?
  4. When a unit performs withdraw action, if they are on top of terrain do they attempt to climb down?
  5. Does the trooper unit who is panic get to use relentless/charge after doing the withdraw action
  6. Hey there, Can panicking units perform actions, move, attack or recover before or after their activation, through guidance, command cards, spending available standby tokens, and in general any game effect that would allow them to do so if they weren't panicking? Cheers.
  7. Hello there! I know your standard merc unit with self preservation can’t check for bravery with a regular factions commander, however I’m wondering if the same is true for non merc units using either the capo or vigo for bravery. In example, a rebel trooper unit has three suppression, is at range 4 of the rebel commander but range 2 of the pyke capo, do the rebel troopers panic or can they use the capos bravery? Thanks in advance!
  8. If Stormtrooper unit have more suppression tokens than double value of commander 's courage and i activate stormtrooper captain. Does it considered panicked?because i cannot remove suppression tokens and upgrade card does not say that you ignore Rally step
  9. Can any unit within the shadow collective battle force check for panic with any commander, e.g. pykes check for panic with commander maul, or does it have to be within the same affiliation?
  10. Droids with suppression don’t lose an action but at double their courage still panic so as they don’t lose an action if they are panicked do they make 2 move actions towards the nearest table edge? 🤔
  11. Given a Creature Trooper can displace minis (triggering a suppression on the displaced unit) and engage them in melee as answered here: A Dewback attacks that unit it displaced in the same activation in melee (its melee attack is Suppressive), giving that Defender at least 2 total Suppression (Displacement + Suppressive Melee attack + any existing Suppression it had beforehand) The defending unit subsequently activates that round and has sufficient Suppression to be panicked after its rally step Is the panicked unit required to Withdraw or does it sit in melee doing nothing given its panicked state? A similar scenario could occur with another Suppressive effect like a Saboteur's Charge going off within R1, Annihilation Looms is played at top of the next round, etc. adding sufficient Suppression to panic one or both units Lastly, if a Creature Trooper (a Dewback specifically) panics, is it a) required to spur for its panic move and b) if it has Endurance, does it lose a Suppression at the end of its activation? Thanks!!
  12. If a droid trooper has 2 ion on it, and is Panicked, does it run towards board edge?
  13. Hi there, Could you help me to find resolution in such situation? Agent Kallus is panicked and he has his ascension cables inactive. Which path should he follow? 1) Red one – it is clear option, normal speed-2 moves to move forward in current and in potential subsequent rounds (if he is still panicked) 2) Blue one – clamber in current round, then speed-2 moves in potential subsequent rounds (if he is still panicked) 3) Green one – speed-2 move, then clamber and speed-2 moves in potential subsequent rounds (if he is still panicked) If the unit is panicked, should we either assess the best way to reach the nearest battlefield’s edge in current round or think about this for potential subsequent round(s) too? In other words, is clamber for the blue option or speed-2 move for green option correct? Thank You in advance
  14. Hi there, A panicked unit with Inspire X would still be able to use that keyword, after its rally step, to remove suppression tokens from other friendly units at range 1-2. When would that happen, before or after that unit performs the move action towards the nearest battlefield edge after its rally step? Thanks!
  15. Hello there, I would like a confirmation about the commanders ability to "share" their courage values with surrounding units. It is clearly stated in the rules that units can use the courage value of a commander to check if they are panicked (assuming the aforementioned commander is within 3-range). But if I read correctly, I do not read any similar rule concerning the suppression. Therefore, are commanders able to "give" their courage value during the rally phase to check if a unit is suppressed or not? For example, if a Phase 1 clone trooper unit has 2 suppression token after its rally phase and is at range of Obi-Wan Kenobi, is that unit suppressed but not panicked, or is that unit neither suppressed nor panicked? Thanks in advance, and sorry if the question has already been asked, I could not find any similar topic in this forum.
  16. Can a panicked unit (A unit with suppression tokens equal to double the unit's courage) use Fire Support?
  17. Hi I asked this yesterday If a unit has enough suppression to panic and enough immobilise tokens to drop them to speed 0. Can they perform their panic move? The response was they can't because they have to go at their listed speed. Thank you. Follow up is what can that unit do on their turn? They're panicked. Do they get a normal activation? What if the unit is a droid and are unaffected by suppression?
  18. If a unit has enough suppression to panic and enough mobilise tokens to drop them to speed 0. Can the perform their panic move?
  19. Would an End of Activation attack, such as from the Air Support command card, be able to be made if the unit panics during their activation. Similarly would it be able to make the attack if it withdraws? When reading the panic entry it seems like it wouldn't prevent end of activation abilities as it only affects actions taken during the perform actions step. Conversely Withdraw seems like it would prevent it based on this line from the RRG entry on pg 86 "To withdraw a unit must use its entire activation and spend all of its available actions to perform a single speed-1 move." A withdraw takes a unit's "entire activation" which could encompass the End of Unit Activation step, preventing the attack. Thanks!
  20. I have two questions: 1) For the Roger Roger! card if an order is given to the sith probe droids with comms relay and they relay the order to a different unit will that new unit benefit from the effect of the command card? 2) Does an operative with inspiring presence allow units to use the operatives courage value when checking to see if the unit panics? Thank you
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