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Found 5 results

  1. If I am measuring range 3 from a mini, and also trying to measure range 1 from another point on the board, can I use a movement tool to mark the edge of the range 3, put my range 3 ruler away and then use a range ruler to establish range 1 from another point, while using the movement tool as a reference for the previously measured range 3 distance? (1) By my understanding, this sort of measurement would be illegal in the case of a move, explicitly because the movement would still have to be measured using a movement tool, it could not be "eyeballed" per the below ruling on movement. (2) What about in the case of a placement that does not require a movement tool, such as Thanos's Cosmic Portal, Storm's X-Men Gold or Medusa's Royal Decree - can a movement tool be used to mark a place on the board that has been premeasured using a range tool? Because no movement tool is involved, the movement tool is not needed. If a movement tool is used to mark the edge of a Range tool, the movement tool is not being used for an effect called for by the rules, and effectively provides the same information that using two range tools would provide.
  2. During an official event, would premarking all possible objective locations on a map be considered premeasuring?
  3. See the attached photo for clarity. In this scenario, I have placed the short movement, and am moving Lockjaw. I have a few questions. 1) Is my use of the range tool here legal? Am I allowed to measure range in the middle of moving a model? 2) If I decide mid-movement that I don't want to move here after all (maybe there's some terrain or other models in the way and I can't fit) can I bend the end of the S tool to a new position? 3) If I want to change the position of the S tool entirely, can I put Lockjaw back down in his original position and rotate it to a new placement?
  4. Still bit more clarification needed, though this has been asked previously, but I see this being played wrong all the time (afaik). 1) Are you allowed to measure your movement with base of the miniature? Meaning, you first move the mini somewhere along the movement stick, then using range tool reposition the miniature (relating to 1 more more miniatures). As it has been said many times, base is not a measuring tool, so before moving the miniature are you expected to remove range tool from the board? 2) Overlapping versus balancing. This seems to be constantly played in a different way I think it should. Consider a building with width of 50 mm. According to overlapping rule, Hulk with 60 mm base cannot be positioned on the top of it, even though it can easily be balanced there, correct?
  5. 1. Are you allowed to pre-measure/pre-check a toward/away effect with the bent tool? I.e. See what the possible angles are before committing - I believe this to be a no because it’s not a distance your measuring and it’s only distance that’s called out as being pre-measurable. 2. Are you allowed to pre-measure crisis placement before choosing table edge? - The step order for building a mission with step 5 (table edge choice) being before mission setup implies to me a desire to leave it to a less analyzed choice, but I’m unsure if the game is considered to have started yet for pre-measurment purposes
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