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Found 13 results

  1. Say you start a beam attack that targets Dormammu and others. You attack Dormammu first and then are pushed by his reaction power. What happens with the rest of your beam attack? Does it proceed from the area you were pushed from? Does it get re-evaluated from your new position (and if so, can you now make an attack against characters who were not part of the original beam)? What if you can still target some of the original characters from your new position, do you get to continue with your series of attacks?
  2. Hi! In this question, I am referring to the different scenery we can find in our games of MCP, with different level rooftops, barriers or other items that prevent putting miniature bases completely over them. According to the rulebook, a character cannot end a movement with its base partially overlapping a terrain feature. That includes the sometime irregular shapes of some terrain features (different level rooftops, barriers inside a building feature, pyramidal skyligths, water deposits on top of buildings, oddly shaped starships…) some of them even official terrain products of AMG)? If the answer is yes (you cannot place a base if it doesn’t fit horizontally on top of a section of a terrain feature, making some of the areas of the terrain feature unable to access for the character), what would happen if a character standing in the same terrain feature is thrown or pushed, colliding with one of those elements? Would it stop as soon as it touches this element? Or would it depend of the distance of the throw/push (meaning that if the element is shorter than the distance the character is pushed, it would end this movement in the other side of the element, ignoring it)? If the answer is no (meaning, I assume, that we should consider a terrain feature as a whole, and applying the “partially overlapping a terrain feature” rulebook sentence only to the horizontal boundaries of the whole terrain feature), wouldn’t it create some odd circumstances when placing (voluntarily or forced by throws) the miniatures physically over some spots of the terrain? Thanks in advance for your answer, and sorry if the question is a bit convoluted!
  3. To clarify, push away vs push away from this character. Push away is measured from the pushed character, while push from this character is measured from the character pushing the opponent
  4. When a character on an objective triggers Red Mayhem, is that character ignored when resolving the push? In other words: Can the pushed character move through the character that triggered Red Mayhem?
  5. If I'm stood on the roof of, say, the official NYC building, and a short push puts me on a part of the building I can't stand. (Either a none-flat part of the roof, like the skylight, or overhanging the edge). Do I just stop short? (Or not move at all if theres no legal place to be pushed to).
  6. Assume I have three models in a perfect line, all base to base. I want to push or throw the middle one. This requires an exactly parallel push, or it will touch another model and immediately stop with 0 movement. There are infinite directions you can choose which will fail the push, and 1 direction that will succeed. If we're talking statistics, you will never be able to pick the 1/infinate direction. So its an impossible move. BUT, its a game. So is abstraction allowed? Can you declare that you're picking the one legal direction and just do it anyway?
  7. If a character gets " Pushed S" or "Pushed Away S" ..assuming no other model or terrain gets in the way and stops them..... Does the model have to be moved the entire length of the S Tool? Can the player moving the model choose to move less than the full length of the S Tool in order to keep the miniature in range of something else planned? Example: My attack or effect pushes him " Away S " but I need him to be within Range 1 or Range 2 to exploit something. Also In the case of throws, can the player moving the model, choose to not move the model the entire length of whatever Tool is used?. assuming no other model or terrain gets in the way and stops them.....
  8. So I might be overthinking this but can pushes and throws be done any direction or can the character doing the push/throw choose any direction??
  9. Hi have got 2 questions. If an enemy characters base is in contact with another enemy or piece of terrain, can that character be thrown into either of these or not as they are already touching? When ending movement. The book states about overlapping. If I ended my move on top of a bus. The base was over the edge by a couple of mm but it was totally stable. Could the turn be ended there? Or does the base have to be totally within the outlines of that terrain? Thank you
  10. (Scenario 2 should read "Not enough room between terrain and C for B to fit) These scenarios are often understood to cause a rewind effect, meaning the collision from the throw still occurs, but the model moves back to the last legal position. I'm not sure how to come to this conclusion without outside input though Throw reads to me as all "present tense" checks and overlap reads to me as a "future tense" check, so I'm not sure why overlapping doesn't trump throw. Overlap would almost even seem to be setting up a can't vs can scenario. Throw says you can perform this movement (due to it allowing you to ignore certain things) Overlapping says if the movement your performing with your throw would cause you to overlap something at the end of it, you can't finish that movement I'd just like to see the end ruling and the way to understand that myself from reading the book.
  11. 1) Is the 90 degree tool applicable not only on pushes but also when throwing characters as well? 2) When throwing an interactive terrain, there is no longer any 90 degree restriction?
  12. If a character can push an enemy toward themselves, does overlapping with the character who pushed stop the push? Or are you able to push an enemy to the other side of yourself with this? Best example I can think of is Venom and Web Snare. Could Venom push an enemy through himself?
  13. If Ghost-Spider is 1” away from Zemo and uses Web Line on him, does the push toward stop once he comes in contact with Gwen’s base or will the short movement go through her base?
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