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Found 11 results

  1. The tigger for Can’t Catch Me is “when this character is targeted by an attack.” Which is step 2 in appendix A. If by step 2c. Quicksilver is no longer in range for the attack, Can’t Catch Me’s “the attacker may make another action” triggers. With this timing, is power for the initial attack ever spent? You basically never get to step 3 in this situation.
  2. If someone initiates a beam attack and targets Loki and Quicksilver. If both use trickster and Can’t Catch Me respectfully to get out of range of the beam, does the person initiating lose the attack action because the beam targeted multiple people even though neither targets could be actually targeted?
  3. Had a game a while ago where Quicksilver was facing off against Okoye and Black Widow. He attacked Okoye first, got the wild and hit to trigger Velocity to then target Black Widow. Okoye then paid 2 power to use bodyguard, would this stop the attack going through? Bodyguard states that this character (Okoye) becomes the target of the attack and Quicksilvers Velocity rule states that the attack may not target the original target of the attack, which she was. When Quicksilver declared the attack, Black widow was the target but as Okoye jumped in the way, she is now the target but was also the original target as well which would break the chain, but the main issue is whether it only has to be a different target at the time of declaring the attack or at any point during the attack sequence?
  4. Scenario 1. Quicksilver attacks an Enemy Character (Venom, or Baron Zemo or Black Widow) and does Damage. 2. When this attack is resolved he has less than 2 Power remaining, and cannot afford 2 Power for Can I Borrow That?. 3. Reactive Super Power: Venom now uses So Many Snacks and We Are Venom with the Power he has accumulated. 4. Venom Damages Quicksilver and Quicksilver Gains Power for Damage due to an Enemy Effect. (Or Zemo/ Blackwidow/ etc do their Reactive Superpower Damage) 5. Quicksilver now has 2 Power, or more, and it is still his Activation. 6. May Quicksilver now use Can I borrow That? As I understand, Tactics Card is played, and used that Turn, but may it be used at anytime during that Turn? Does it need to be used before Reactive Super Powers, and/or before the next Action?
  5. Say Quicksilver attacks someone with Aggressive like Sabertooth (or Crossbones) and triggers Velocity multiple times. 1. Does the aggressive character move between Quicksilver's attacks or after all attacks are resolved? 2. If it's after all attacks are resolved, does the aggressive character get to move multiple times? Assuming it was hit multiple times.
  6. Suppose Quicksilver is attacked by Medusa using Braid Bash, and Medusa triggers Flurry on the attack. On the attack granted by Flurry, if Quicksilver uses Can't Catch Me and successfully moves out of LOS or range of Medusa, does Medusa get another action despite having made a successful attack initially? Life saver has similar wording Can't Catch Me, so I presume it would apply similarly.
  7. Quicksilver attacks Zemo with the Cyclonic Vortex. After attack is resolved, he can advance M. Zemo however has Counter Strike which also takes place after the attack is resolved. Can Quicksilver move out of range of the Counter Strike since the order is determined by the attacking active player's side? Thanks
  8. Can Quicksilver interact with a secure objective like Spider Portal that your team already controls to set up Difficult to Please?
  9. Hi! How the supersonic strike velocity exactly works? How many times can you repeat the attack? Who is the original target in the second , third etc..attack? Can you do unlimited attacks meanwhile you get the apropiate dice symbols? Thanks
  10. If one is lucky enough for Quicksilver to land the correct results enough times how would I go about resolving the Dash and Velocity triggers. Attack One I get a Dash (A) and a velocity (A) trigger. I choose to resolve the Velocity trigger first, and that attack also gets a Dash (B) and a Velocity (B) result. Do I need to resolve the Dash (A) result now or proceed with the (B) triggered effects?
  11. If Quicksilver attacks model A and triggers Velocity, then attacks model B and triggers Velocity again, can he attack model A again or does that attack have to be against model C?
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