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Found 13 results

  1. I’m not clear on the Choose weapon section in the attack action under Form Attack Pool, when choosing a weapon, do each individual mini in the unit need to meet the weapon profile range while attacking the defender or just meet the unit leader determined range to the defender? Example: A 4 mini rebel trooper unit attacks, the unit leader is at range 3 of the defender, while the rest of the minis are beyond range 3 and all minis have line of sight to the defender. Do those minis beyond range 3 contribute attack dice to the pool or just the rebel unit leader?
  2. Hi I have unit with 2 left soldiers. 1 is hidding behind the mouintain (nobody see him). He is in range 2 to attacker. Second soldier see everybody. He is in range3. Which range is to this unit? 2/3? In rb i found that first we check range and after who can have los to unit. Thx. Regards
  3. Hi 🙂 3. My unit on top of building! needs to be with range 1 to my commander how to check distance. Take range tool (1) and check horizontally ----- or vertically ////
  4. So me and my friend were arguing about whether you can place a targeting token in mid or short range if the weapon have ignition [long] My friend's opinion is that since the specified range is long, then the token can only be placed in the long range section of the range ruler. His argument is that any ability that applies in multiple ranges will specify those range (i.e. Director Krennic) My opinion is that long range is the whole length of the range ruler, and thus the targeting token can be placed anywhere within the ruler. Can you determine which one of us is correct?
  5. Hello! Quick one... If iron man for example is stood atop a size 3 or 4 terrain piece, and another charecter same size as iron man is on the floor but within range of attacks. Can the charecter on the floor target ironman up on the building or would iron man be able to be targeted or would the charecter on the floor have to make a climb action to get on the same level to be able to target him? Thanks in advance 👌
  6. Had a weird interaction in a game yesterday. Unit of Stormtroopers was the ranged attack Defender of a unit of Wooks with a bowcaster and the R2 pistols. The Wook Unit leader had LOS to 5 of the 6 Storms (all models in LOS of unit leader were at R3). #6 was behind a building and out of LOS to all Wook models. However, the range from the Wook unit leader to the out of LOS model was R2. Question: Since the range from the unit leader to the nearest mini is R2, even though that mini is out of LOS to the entire Wook unit, can the R2 Wook pistols contribute dice to the attack pool? Thanks!
  7. If Rocket and Groot play Deadly Duo and on the first attack, the opponent plays Heroes For Hire, and doesn’t daze Luke/Iron Fist, do they resolve the throw after said attack or after all three attacks have finished resolving? I ask mostly because of the word immediately in deadly duo. And if it resolves after the first attack and rocket is thrown out of range of any OTHER characters, I assume that would end the deadly duo tactic card effect?
  8. Hi, I wasn't sure if attacks like Ricochet from Sam Wilson Capt. America, Dormammu's Incantation of Obliteration, or any similar attacks that allows additional attacks within X range still requires LOS? Thanks,
  9. Hello, I make an attack with a unit with heavy weapon upgrade and decide to split attack pool for different targets between default weapons (all minis except heavy weapon mini) and heavy weapon. For default weapons I measure range from the unit leader, but from which mini do I measure range for second attack pool with heavy weapon - from unit leader or heavy weapon mini?
  10. When measuring range do the nubs count when determining if something is in range for an attack? If so or not where would that information be found?
  11. Hello! I think it was covered before, but I can't find it now. What happens if the model makes a transform during attack targeting it (for example Ant-Man using Pym particle control) and gets out of attack range? Does attack continue regardless of new range?
  12. The heavy upgrades for special forces strike teams (snipers) had their range reduced from 'infinite' to a maximum of range 5. However, I didn't see any range correction for commanders like Cassian Andor or Iden Versio. If it hasn't been corrected in the errata, would the commanders' range still be 'inifinite'? Thank you in advance.
  13. If antman or wasp change size as a reaction for an attack and he goes out of range by that action. Is he still targeted by attack or not?
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