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Found 16 results

  1. Apologies if this was asked before I could not find it in search. If an attack with rapid fire targets a character and nick fury uses eye in the sky on the rapid fire triggered attack to move the targeted character out of range, does the character that is attacking get refunded a full action? As in, they could make two more actions after the eye in the sky?
  2. If the tactics card Sacrifice is used on an attack with Rapid Fire, may the defender add additional dice or modify dice during the second attack?
  3. Hello, First sorry for this i'm french. To be sure about rapide fire (like Sin, Mystique, Black Widow...) VS Reactive Super powers (like Counter Strike, Body guard, Vibranium shield, quick draw...). If the characters reacting (after been targeted) payed the cost of their reactions for the first attack of the rapide fire they must pay also for the second attack included in rapid fire. I'm right ?
  4. Couldn't find it else where so thought best to ask. Does a rapid fire or flurry style second attack recheck for stealth prior to the second attack commencing or does it skip that bit as the first attacked checked for the both attacks ??
  5. Would just like to clarify a couple of interactions with Rapid Fire attacks: 1) If I rapid fire into Magneto and he pays his power for Force Projection, does that last for both the initial and subsequent rapid fire attack, or does it last for both attacks? 2) Similarly, if I rapid fire into Enchantress do I need to pay 2 power for Enchanting for both the initial and subsequent rapid fire attacks? Thanks
  6. Step 14 on making an attack states that you resovle effects that occur after the attack. Now my question is does that apply to effects like Rapid Fire? Do I get to make the rapid fire attack before my opponent can retaliate with a counter attack type super power?
  7. Moon knight (any rapid fire Model) - uses his "throwing glaves" and kills a model that can be reborn (Ultron/Ghost Rider) and MK hits the rapid fire will they get the second rapid fire when the reborn model comes bk or will the attack end as he was ko'd? I believe he would but just checking
  8. Hello my son and I have started playing and are having a blast. Does the Rapid fire Rule allow a full attack or just 1 dice.
  9. Winter soldier uses Red Fury, venom responds with So many attacks Winter soldier then makes an assault rifle attack and follows up with rapid fire When does venom attack? After fury, assault or rapid fire ?
  10. Hello, Does moon knight get 2 dice on his rapid fire roll? Can you explain if rapid fire is on the same attack sequence or not ? Thanks
  11. If an enemy character targets a character using an attack that has the Rapid Fire trigger, if I use Heroes for Hire, place say my Iron Fist and he becomes the defender, if Iron Fist doesn't become dazed, does he throw the attacking character before the Rapid Fire Triggers or after? And if he throws the attacking character before, if the thrown character is out of range for his Rapid Fire attack does it become void?
  12. A question regarding the interaction of Trickster and follow up Rapid Fire Attacks. Request clarification on the following interaction: Moon Knight targets Loki with an initial Rapid Fire attack and triggers a follow up attack. During this follow up attack Loki is declared the target as the attack must target the original character. Two questions on this interaction: 1. Is there an opportunity for Loki to declare Trickster on the follow up rapid fire attack? 2. Trickster states that if it is the attacker's activation, and the attack did not target multiple characters, the attacker may make another action. Does this refund the full attack action for Moon Knight if Trickster is able to be played as per point 1 above and Loki can move out of range of the attack?
  13. Hi! How triggers Sin's hit and run with rapid fire? I mean, if i use hit and run, what would be the order? attack-hit and run-rapid fire? or attack-rapid fire-hit and run? Thanks!!
  14. How does Dr strange's leadership and say punishers rapid fire interact. My gut tells me only the first attack gets changed.
  15. If an enemy Punisher is attacking an ally of Ghost Rider using the Hip Fire attack, at what point or points can Ghost Rider use Wicked's Judgement and Spirit of Vengeance? My understanding of Rapid Fire is that it would occur at 15.a of the attack step, but Ghost Riders abilities would occur at 15.b Does that mean Wicked's judgement couldn't be used until 15.b of the second attack of Hip Fire (the rapid fire attack)? Could you use it on the first attack AFTER the whole second attack is finished? Does the entire Rapid Fire attack occur within the 15.a step of the first attack? Bonus question: Does using Dr Strange's leadership ability Mystic Empowerment on a Hip Fire attack change the first attack or both the first and the rapid fire attack to the chosen attack type?
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