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Found 11 results

  1. Rapid Reinforcements states. "When a player draws an order token with a rank that matches a friendly set-aside unit, if they cannot choose a unit on the battlefield with a matching rank, they must place that set aside unit onto the battlefield, etc... Is there anything preventing you from activating the set aside unit before the last similar unit type without an order on the battlefield? Is there a compulsion to the order you activate your units? If they CAN choose a unit on the battlefield where is the MUST choose a unit on the battlefield?
  2. On the condition card Rapid Reinforcements, if you have 2 corp unit tokens in your order pool waiting to be drawn, and one of them is off the board due to rapid reinforcements, but the other is on the board, can the first corp token you pull in this situation be used to deploy the rapid reinforcements corp? My understanding is you have to go with all units of that token type on the board first, but just wanting a clarification. Thanks!
  3. Can a unit gain a token from Independant keyword even if it has not been deployed? Thinking specifically about use with Rapid Reinforcements where a Pyke unit, for example, would not be deployed at the start of the activation phase. Would this also apply to other similar game mechanics where a unit is not deployed at the start of the activation phase?
  4. Not sure if this has been asked or not. When play with the Condition card "Rapid Reinforcments" can the rebel 1.4 Canon be set aside? It does have the "Trooper" listing in the unit type and it is NOT a Commander or Operative unit. So would this be allowed to be the unit that is reinforced later or when the token is drawn? Thank you!
  5. When the units set aside for “Rapid Reinforcements” are set on the battlefield, do they still get their two actions for the round? (Asking because a friend and I were going back and forth over the interpretation of the last line of the condition card)
  6. Hi all, I would like to know if emplacement trooper are considered as trooper for the battle plan rapid renforcement (can emplacement trooper be set aside for rapid renforcement?) and advanced position (emplacement trooper loose stationary for the scout1 mouvement?) ? Sorry if already asked, i did not find. Thank you
  7. Hey all, need help with constant debate: 1. If a command card says I can issue orders to '2 Troopers' can I use one of those to issue an order to a Creature Trooper on a medium base? Friend says Troopers only have small bases. 2. If we play with RAPID REINFORCEMENTS can a Creature Trooper be one of the selected units for late deployment? Thanks!
  8. 1) During setup, am I allowed to put aside an laat/le and a trooper unit being transported by the same laat/le and if so 2) what happens if I draw my last trooper token before the laat/le's token has been drawn to allow it to enter the battlefield?
  9. Does a unit with reliable x get a surge token round 1 if they are rapid reinforced? Since reliable x states at the start of the activation phase, they gain x surge, it doesnt specify they must be deployed
  10. Howdy, I was wondering if the condition card of rapid reinforcements is being played how does the interaction of improvised orders works since rapid triggers when a token is drawn but so does improvised? Any information will be helpful. Thanks
  11. If a player who had a Covert Ops commander (and no other commander) used Covert Ops to become an operative, could they select a "set aside" unit from Rapid Reinforcements to become their commander? Similarly, could they select the designated hostage unit to become their commander?
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