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Found 7 results

  1. There are seven steps to the Cleanup Phase: Scoring VPs, player effects, non-player effects, resolving Dazed, passing Priority, removing Activated tokens, then moving the Round token. Under "Effects", the list includes "superpowers, attacks, special rules, team tactics, or Crisis cards" (emphasis mine). If a Team Tactics card can only be played during the Cleanup Phase, does it have to be played during step 2 (player effects)? Or can it be played at any step? For a more specific scenario: If Dormammu is dazed, after he becomes undazed in Step 4, would he be able to play Dark Restoration to return a character to the game?
  2. can you counter a counter attacks ? Example: Daredevil (DD) and venom are R2 of each other & DD strikes Venom, he then "so many snacks" back, can DD use "man without fear" ? and then if this is allowed ? can you just keep counter attacking each other until power runs dry? Cant seem to find an answer but maybe i am monging it.
  3. When performing a movement action, do reactive powers that trigger based on that movement "interrupt" the movement (as they do with most other interactions) or do they occur after the movement finished? The question is specifically directed towards movement as the second action, trying to identify whether the activation token is placed before or after the reactive superpower occurs. The main area it is currently relevant is an Injured Bob, Agent of Hydra moving into something like Rockets Booby Traps as his section action.
  4. When mysterio has multiple targets to trigger his superpower on, say BP used his spender and pushed multiple people away simultaneously, does mysterio have to pay for any and all up front? Or can he pay and resolve one, therefore possibly opening up more opportunities by getting power for later ones?
  5. If a reactive power's triggering conditions are met outside of the Activation Phase, can the power be used? For example, Sin's leadership ability, Red Mayhem, can result in enemy characters being pushed during the Cleanup Phase. If the push moves the enemy character to within range three of an allied Cassandra Nova, can Cassandra then pay two power and use Psychic Distractions even though it's the Cleanup Phase and not the Activation Phase? (I realize there are reactive powers like Agent Black Widow's Interrogate superpower that specify they are to be used in a particular phase outside of the Activation Phase, so this question is for when a phase isn't specified by the superpower, which is by far the majority of reactive superpowers.)
  6. Hi! This came up during a game regarding blind obsession when mystique is on the opposing side. So is using the bonus from blind obsession considered "using" the card? Or is "use" in this case only referring to playing the card? Im guessing the same question can come up during other cards (or powers?) that are reactive but have a lasting affect in the game.
  7. When the core rules state "A player may play Reactive Team Tactic cards only when the listed trigger condition is met and only once per triggering event" does this mean that if I have two tactics cards that have the same trigger, I can only play one of them? Or is it future proofing for a tactics card that is not discarded or otherwise could potentially be played multiple times on a single trigger? Is this the same or different for super powers? While a reactive super power can only be triggered once from an event, if there are multiple super powers that could be triggered off the same event, would this be limited to my choice of one or could both be triggered?
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