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Found 6 results

  1. Does the timing (after modify dice step) on the time gem and/or recalibration matrix get around the malekith conqueror of the ten realms ability that stops the attacker from modifying the attack dice against malekith? Or at the very least does it force the reroll of malekith's defense dice if it blocks the reroll of the attacker's dice?
  2. Hello, It has previously been ruled that dice rolled for a tactics card are considered to be rolled by the character that played the card. Therefore, if a character is attacking Malekith and plays Recalibration Matrix, is the attacking character able to reroll their dice, or does only Malekith reroll his defensive dice and the attack dice stay "frozen" by Cloak of Shadows? Thank you!
  3. How does recalibration matrix work with cloak of shadows. Do the skulls Mal spent to count as crits get rerolled? If new skulls are rolled are they now skulls or crits?
  4. So here's the scenario: 1. Mysterio spends 4 points to play The Grand Illusion. 2. My Turn ends. 3. Enemy activates a character within R3 of Mysterio. 4. Enemy character targets Mysterio with an attack and attack type. 5. Enemy character rolls attack dice. 6. Enemy character rolls 3 crits, 1 hit, 1 block, and 1 Skull. 7. Allied Mysterio rolls 1 crit, 1 block, 2 hits, 1 skull. 8. Enemy does not roll in additional dice from his 3 crits as per The Grand Illusion. 9. Allied Mysterio rolls in 1 additional die for his crit. 10. Enemy character has no re-rolls. 11. Allied Mysterio has no re-rolls 12. Enemy character has no way to modify the defenders dice. 13. Mysterio then modifies the enemy crit results to skulls. 14. Final dice results are in. No damage is being dealt to Mysterio. 15. Enemy character now plays Recalibration Matrix. 16. Enemy character rerolls all his dice and scores 2 crits and 1 hit, the rest are failures. 17. Mysterio rolls 1 block. At this point, does The Grand Illusion change the enemies 2 crits to 2 skulls still? The Grand Illusion says Mysterio changes crits to skulls. Is this effect just always "on". Fyi, The Illusion does have a token to place next to Mysterio just for this card FWIW.
  5. When I play "Re-calibration Matrix" I always exclude scull rolls from the re-roll, as I assume that that the non-modification of sculls rule takes precedence. a) Is that correct? b) If the above is correct and re-calibration matrix is played in a roll where scarlet witch has rolled sculls, does that mean that sculls are not re-rolled but are still part of the final roll, thus contributing as "successes"?
  6. If Angela is the defending character, and uses the recalibration matrix card, would the attacker reroll his attack dice? Or would Living Ribbons prevent that, and only Angela would reroll her defense dice? And following the same example, if she was attacked by Venom... which dice could be rerolled, if any?
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