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Found 8 results

  1. I believe I have this correct, but was curious about effect timing during the power phase. Red skull, Master of Hydra is my squad leader, and goes into the power phase with 7 power while securing an infinity formula, and wants to use the occult research tactic card. He gains one power at the beginning of the power phase, and one from his leadership for contesting an objective during the player effect portion of the power phase. He would have to play the card now, but only has 9 power. During the non-player effect of the power phase, he gains an additional power from the infinity formula, but has passed the window to play the card. Is this correct? In a slightly different scenario; Red Skull is still my leader and contesting an infinity formula. He goes into the power phase with 10 power. He can't gain additional power at the beginning of the power phase as he is full on power. He then plays Occult Research during the player effect portion of the phase, draining his power. He gains a power for his leadership during this portion of the phase, and another for the formula during the non-player effect portion of the phase, entering the activation phase with 2 power. Correct?
  2. Would a character within range 1 of an evac point gain power from redskulls leadership in the power phase thanks in advance
  3. Red Skull Master of Hydra is the leader, has stun and is holding 1 cube. How much power does he get in the power phase? 1, 2 or 3?
  4. Hi Team, Question 1: Grunts "are not chosen to activate during a turn", instead, they activate during their controller's turn. With "The Red Skull, Master of Hydra", if I am running him in the uncanny xmen leadership, may I, in order: 1. Place his Grunts with a stagger token at the start of his activation. 2. Use the Uncanny X-men leadership to place "The Red Skull" using the Grunt's as target. 3. Then move / attack / Hydra assault with them as usual. 4. Activate "The Red Skull" as usual? Question 2: (related) May I use the "Uncanny Xmen" leadership at ANY time during "The Red Skull"'s activation? For example: 1. Move "Hydra troopers" 2. Use the leadership to teleport "The Red Skull" off them. 3. Attack with "Hydra Troopers" 4. Take 2 actions with "The Red Skull, Master of Hydra". Thanks in advance, Theo
  5. In Cosmic Invigoration it lists Red Skull, but since Red Skull, Master of Hydra is still Red Skull and is the first part of the name, can he use Cosmic Invigoration? If the bolded name is part of the overall name can they use those cards? The only other ones I think this could apply to would be Nick Fury and Spider-Man
  6. Red Skull, Master of Hydra's ability "Cut off one head..." states "If an allied Hydra Trooper is not in play when this character is chosen to activate, place them into play within range 1 of this character. They gain a stagger token and are part of your squad." In the AMG Battle report of SHIELD vs Hydra, it seemed like this was clarified, but if I understand correctly this means when Red Skull, Master of Hydra initiates to activate, he summons the Hydra Troopers in, and they gain stagger. Then the Grunts activate since their parent activated, clear their stagger for the first action, and get a single action. Then Red Skull, Master of Hydra activates, correct? Because of this, does this mean that if you have a normal turn with the Hydra Troopers on the board already (No stagger) due to the timing above that if the Hydra Troopers use "Hydra assault", they would be KO'd after completing this, and thus since Red Skull, Master of Hydra would not be able to summon them back into play since he has already begun his activation prior. In this case, starting with the grunts on he board before they were KO'd from Hydra Assault. Is this correct?
  7. I choose to activate Red Skull, Master of Hydra and Hydra Troopers is not in play. Hydra Troopers are placed into play and gain a stagger token. Does Hydra Troopers immediately shake the stagger and take one action before I take any actions with Red Skull, or does Red Skull go and the Hydra Troopers do not take actions until the next round? In other words, does "Cut Off One Head..." trigger before or after the window that grunts have to activate before their parent?
  8. Does red skulls leadership gain a power if contesting extract tokens on the ground, as well as the evac points on researcher, search houses on senators?
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