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Found 11 results

  1. Just want to clarify something. When using a free action to treat wounds on a unit, do you measure range as per an attack, so from the unit leader to any part of that unit/mini you’re healing. Or do you measure range from any part of the unit using treat wounds to any part of the unit/mini you’re healing? does that apply to all forms of medic? Like the non combatant imperial med droid to the clone medic? I don’t suppose that changes if you were to use repair either?
  2. Can Del Meeko bring back a Bike on a turn and repair 1 damage off that unit as well? Effectively bringing the Bike back with 2 health or back with one health and removing another damage from the other bike.
  3. very stupid question) How many wounds r2d2 can repair? 2x1?
  4. Hello There, can R2 repair himself if he is wounded? Thanks
  5. After the roll for Kuiil, is repairing face down cards a random draw, or can the Kuiil player pick which face down card to repair? If they have repaired some face up cards first they know what those cards are and can choose which cards to discard.
  6. Using this upgrade allow me to repair a face up crit to face down damage?
  7. I think this is a dumb question but it came up in my last game and I couldn't find anything to dispute it so I am asking here. Fighting a unit of B2s and one model is destroyed and one has a wound on it. I think that the repair should have to heal the wound on the remaining B2 but he thought you could a model because the rule says you can either heal a model or replace a model. I couldn't find anything to argue it so he put another B2 on the table with 1 wound on it so he had two B2s with 1 wound each. Some clarification would be greatly appreciated.
  8. Can you use repair X to restore id 10? And if yes, will Iden gain ion token because of id 10, unit type is droid trooper?
  9. Hello Quick question as I couldn't find the answer by myself. If PK-series from one droid unit repaired PK-series droid from other unit is it back with wound tokens from used repair ability or fresh (without tokens and ready to repair)? Thank you, Winlock
  10. Can Del Meeko Repair Iden's ID10, if ID10 is defeated and Iden is still on the field? Iden unit card is trooper type but ID10 is a droid trooper.
  11. Hi, When using the Treat/Repair keywords, is it required to heal a wounded model before restoring a defeated model to the board? For example, an Imperial Royal Guard received three wounds during an attack, removed a model, and assigned a wound to a remaining, non unit leader model. Does the Treat keyword have to remove the wound token on the remaining Imperial Royal Guard or can it restore the defeated model to the board, with one remaining wound, so long as it is during the active round? The same scenario applies for 74-Z Speeder Bikes, except the unit leader is assigned two wounds and the defeated model was removed during the active round. Can a unit with Repair restore the defeated model with two wounds assigned to it or must the unit leader have no wounds assigned in order for second bike to return to the board? Thanks! -DT
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