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Found 13 results

  1. Nothing Stops the Juggernaut says the contacted character takes one damage, and "then this character stops as normal." Does this mean that if he collides with, say, Rocket who has two power, Rocket will take the damage and gain the power before the movement ends and then be able to use Booby Traps afterwards?
  2. With the vortex effect on Rocket's hadron enforcer, enemy characters within 2 are pushed towards the target character. As with be oms Web snare, can the enemy effected by the vortex be pushed 'through' the target of the attack, and end up on the opposite side of the target?
  3. Had a bit misunderstanding with “Deadly Duo” today. Does this plasma rifle attack counts as an attack action? As an example of situation: Rocket makes a move action to be in 2 of Groot and uses “Deadly Duo”. Can he then use another basic plasma rifle attack or is his “action pool” over?
  4. Cap performs a Shield Attack on Groot and rolls a wild, triggering Ricochet. The only valid target for the second Shield Attack is Rocket. Rocket uses Personal Bodyguard to make Groot the target of the attack. Does the second attack happen? Ricochet says the second attack must target ANOTHER target.
  5. Quick question that came up this week. Rocket has Small Statue (always benefits from cover). Hawkeye has Trick Shot (ignore LOS and cover) for 1 power. Which ability takes precedent? Is there a general set of "X always trumps Y" logic that can be applied in these situations? r/-A.
  6. Does rocket lose cover within 2? Or does he always have it? We played a game today with the former. But someone said he always has it even within 2
  7. Can rocket use bodyguard from groot to deflect the attack of groot itself using mental domination, thus groot ends up hitting himself?
  8. Hi Rules Gurus, Really excited to play Hulkbuster after it was spoiled at Minstravaganza. Had a little rule query come up though. Hulkbuster dazes, and baby Tony pops out. He places within 3 of Rocket, albiet in the cleanup phase. In the rulebook, a "place" is a type of movement, so may I use "booby traps" to explode baby Tony in the cleanup phase? Thanks, Theo
  9. Firstly does cover work against beam attacks? Secondly does personal bodyguard work vs beam (and area) attacks? As I have discovered beam attacks do individually target models, it would appear that bodyguarding would still work. Is this correct. If Groot was also under the template would he also take an attack so get damaged twice? Many thanks
  10. My question is rocket always has cover regardless of attacking character range to him? And second magneto magnetic refraction does the same thing for him that rockets does and always has cover regardless of attackers distance to him or an ally within of him?
  11. Can cover with Rocket be stacked? Rocket always gains cover (except when he can’t due to attack special rules), but if played with Storms leadership, can he gain an additional cover and modify 2 defence dice?
  12. Hai. So. Rocket always has cover. If hawkeye paid the energy to ignore los and cover then i assume he would be able to attack rocket ignoring this cover. Same with the second part of storms leadership? Cheers
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