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Found 12 results

  1. Hypothetically, if rocket uses sacrifice to take an attack, and he then has groot take the attack, can groot add or modify dice or is he limited by sacrifice? So someone attacks gamora, she and rocket play sacrifice, rocket uses personal bodyguard and groot is now the target. Groot rolls a crit and wants to use a winging it token. Can he or does sacrifice prevent that? Thanks!
  2. Suppose one of my characters is targeted by an enemy attack, and it and my Doctor Voodoo play the Sacrifice Team Tactics Card, causing Doctor Voodoo to be the target of the attack. Sacrifice says the new target cannot "add additional defense dice" to its roll. I have always understood this to refer to step 8 of the attack timing, where you add additional dice for criticals. Brother Daniel says "While this character has the token, add 2 dice to all of its defense and dodge rolls." I have always understood this to refer to step 5 of the attack timing, where you build your defense die pool. Specifically, these are not "additional" dice because they're there from the start. Does Sacrifice prevent Brother Daniel from adding 2 dice to Doctor Voodoo's pool? If not, is the distinction between "adding dice" and "adding additional dice" unintentional/not meaningful? It's very consistent across cards. If so, does it follow that other characters can use their superpowers to add dice to their dice pools in step 5? For example, can Captain America pay for Vibranium Shield to add 2 dice to his dice pool?
  3. If the tactics card Sacrifice is used on an attack with Rapid Fire, may the defender add additional dice or modify dice during the second attack?
  4. If Cyclops is attacked by an attack that prevents adding and modifying defense dice, can he use Quick Draw to still give himself 5 defense dice? The tactics card Sacrifice would be an example of such an effect.
  5. The bottom portion of the Sacrifice text uses 'It' to identify the new attack target, and uses it again when stating 'It cannot add additional defense dice to its defense roll and cannot modify its dice during this attack.' It has already been ruled that this wording does not prevent other characters such as Cable and/or Dr Strange from adding dice to the new target's defense pool, provided they themselves are not the new target, so does this also mean that the new target is allowed to reroll defense dice if the source of the reroll originates from another character as well, such as Zemo or Shuri?
  6. Hi, Let's ask this with an example: 1. Proxima is targeted by an attack. 2. She activates Martial Prowess in step 2d. 3. Another allied plays the Sacrifice tactic card, which has the same timing as Martial Prowess, so they become the target of the attack. My question is: would the attacking character be dealt 2 damage, since Proxima would not suffer damage from that attack? (As this is not a different attack, but the same attack that then targets another character) Thanks.
  7. If an attack targeting an allied charactern is redirected to Hood via Sacrifice, can he pay to use invisibility cloak? This just changes his defensive type and counts blanks rather than adding dice and modifying dice.
  8. If an opponent targets my character (let's say Bullseye) and then I play sacrifice causing Mysterio to block the attack. The opponent no longer can pay the 2 to reduce Mysterio's defense correct?
  9. Context: - A character declare an attack on another character. - Enchantress, within 2 of the targeted character pay for the sacrifice card. Questions -On sacrifice does enchanting works, since it doesn't adding dice but switch defense? -Can he pay the to avoid enchanting? -- Does he have to pay before the player declare using sacrifice (like body guard :link to this ruling at the end of the post)? -- Can he pay after sacrifice? My feeling is he need to declare it when he target the first character, but I wanna make sure! Link for bodyguard Thanks and have a great day 🙂 Le pogo
  10. Can you still explode crits when you play sacrifice? I assume that adding dice to defense roll is for things like Dr Strange’s ability but wanted to confirm whether you can still explode crits.
  11. When using the Tactic Card Sacrifice, when it says that the defender cannot add dice to the roll, does it also include dice added by rolling a critical hit?
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