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Found 13 results

  1. I apologize if this seems like an ignorant question, but when a ship is defending against a squadron attack and uses a salvo token, does step six in the attack section allow them to designate another squadron target within that arc? Thank you in advance for any clarification you can provide.
  2. Can you confirm whether Salvo works with Exchange dice effects (e.g., Gunnery Chief Varnillian) and Replace dice effects (e.g., Commander Sato)?
  3. Hello! Question about Salvation Title and Salvo interaction. We have a Neb-B with the Salvation Title and we Krysta Agate Admiral that gave the ship a Salvo token. If Salvation was shot at the front arc and Salvation chooses to salvo back and gets 2 red crits, does the Salvation rule kick in and counts as 4 damage on the Salvo attack? Thanks!
  4. If the fleet command intensify firepower is activated, it states: Until the end of the round while each friendly ship is attacking a ship... Does this mean it can be used with Salvo, as this is classed as an attack? As such you could also combo, Flak Guns, DBY827, intensify firepower, to produce a fleet you don't want to shoot?
  5. If I used Ackbar's effect during a ships activation, and later if that ship is attacked in a side hull zone, can I salvo ?
  6. If I have not yet spent a Concentrate Fire Dial or otherwise performed the Concentrate Fire command in a round may I spend a Concentrate Fire token during a Salvo attack to reroll a die?
  7. I know dice cannot be "added" while resolving a salvo. However the Spinal Armament upgrade says it alters the armaments of the ship. If I had this upgrade and resolved a salvo, do I get the additional red dice?
  8. Opening Salvo States "The first time a ship performs an a attack against another ship, discard the attackers's objective token. it goes on to state which types of dice to add to the attack. If a ship attacks another ship, and the defender has a objective token and resolves a salvo attack, does the defender have to resolve the objectives effects and discard the objective token and not add any dice to the attack pool? Salvo attacks cannot add dice to their attack, as such does this rule instead prevent the objective from resolving and the original defender keeping the objective token? In my opinion the token would still be discarded and no dice would be added.
  9. Coolant Discharge: "Only one attack you perform each round can target a ship." 1. If your unactivated ship performs a Salvo attack, then gets Coolant Discharge damage card later in the round, does the damage card prevent the ship from attacking ships during its activation later in the round? In other words, does the damage card "look backward" at the entire round? 2. If your unactivated ship spends a Salvo defense token during an opponent's attack, then receives a Coolant Discharge damage card from the opponent's ship in the same attack, THEN your ship performs its Salvo attack...is your ship prevented from attacking ships during its activation later in the round?
  10. If I spend a Redirect token on a ship with two Redirect tokens in order to resolve a salvo effect with Reactive Gunnery, am I prevented from resolving a Redirect effect with the unspent Redirect token? May I spend a Salvo token to resolve an additional Salvo effect?
  11. If an opponent ship's attack is obstructed by my Early Warning System, if I Salvo back... do I loose a dice because of my own Early Warning System? As per Rule text for Salvo Attacks ..."During a salvo attack, the attack range and line-of-sight are treated as the same as those of the original attack, and firing arcs are ignored."... Page 5 of Rules Reference.
  12. If a ship performs a Salvo attack against a ship equipped with Emperor Palpatine officer, does it have to spend a defence token (if able)?
  13. A ship performed a salvo attack from the front or rear hull zone before its activation. Could the ship's owner resolve Ackbar to add dice for that ship later during the same round?
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