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Found 9 results

  1. Hi there, Is the following a single action or two? Cad Bane is equipped with Ascension Cables. He starts his activation behind a large, LoS blocking piece of terrain. His first action is to Jump onto the terrain, finishing on the edge of it. He then triggers Steady to shoot (after a move action) Would he then be able to trigger Scale as part of the same action? (rationale: it is ‘after’ the move action of Jump) or would that be a second action? (rationale: the scale is coming directly after the - free - attack action, not after the Jump move) Many thanks!
  2. If I want to move on top or over buildings with a dome like roof, like shown on the pictures, how does this work? If I climb/clamber up, do I end up on the middle of the dome, as the unit can stand no where else or is it just not possible? could a wookie squad just scale over it, in one scale before/after a move? would it take 2 move/scale, clamber actions to get over? If it is like shown in the second picture, and it is lower than a trooper mini, could I just walk over there as difficult terrain, or normal with a unit that has scale or unhindered? It seems like a could get a lot of movement out of a clamber action here.
  3. Can I activate a unit with scale and steady. Start my activation scaling a piece of terrain. After the scale shoot with steady and then complete my move action?
  4. Hi guys, Had a couple of different interpretations of Scale so want a clear example. Firstly I believe you can only use Scale once per movement action, not before and after, second of all it's at the beginning or end of a movement; not in the middle of it. Here's a random scenario for context: NOTE IN ALL SCENARIOS: The piece of terrain is 1 and a 1/2 of the movement 2 tool, but it's too long to go round. Thus if the terrain was not there, Grievous could move forward 2 quite happily. SCENARIO 1: "Grievous is standing next to a piece of height 1 terrain and not in base contact with it but is only a bit away (lets say he has plenty of his movement range left to move to it and move further)". Answer (I believe) - Grievous can move up to the terrain and then scale it with a free clamber action, but that is the END of his movement because he cannot scale and then continue moving; is this correct? SCENARIO 2: "Grievous is touching base with the 1 height terrain" Answer 2(I Believe): He may Scale the terrain and then move the 1 and a 1/2 movement across the top but then that is the end of his movement and he cannot scale again without using a second movement action. -- If the above is correct then I am happy; if the above is wrong please correct me. To be 100% clear: Scale essentially gives you ONE free clamber action BEFORE or AFTER your movement. If you are NOT in base contact with the thing you want to scale (outside of small things he can hop over which are lower than his height) his movement and that one action ends if he wants to Scale. Cheers and Thanks,
  5. Hello If a trooper unit wants to withdraw from melee and the only way to do this is by changing elevation (not enough space on same elevation) is it still able to do so (I guess by climbing/clambering)? If so can Scale or Ascension Cabels help avoid rolling for wounds? Best regards
  6. Was wondering if the speed-1 move made by using Force Push on a unit with Scale, can activate the free Clamber action, provided by Scale?
  7. Grievous has both Scale and Relentless. If Grievous uses a clamber Action while base to base with height 1 terrain, can he make a relentless attack and then use the free clamber to clamber back down. in other words, could he do the following: Aim, Clamber move action, Relentless shot, Free Scale Clamber.
  8. Hello There (this is starting to be a tradition...) I've been asked that, which maybe it's a rare situation: When you disembark you can't start a melee by moving the unit leader in base contact with an enemy. Let's say you disembark, move to a terrain piece and trigger Scale, so you get a free clamber. Could you start a melee when you perform that clamber? Thank you!
  9. Per the RRG, the Scale keyword indicates that after performing a movement action, a unit with the scale keyword can perform a free clamber action. Clamber actions are considered move actions for the purpose of triggering scale, allowing a user to reach the top of height two terrain. Per RRG: A unit with the scale keyword can use scale in combination with a clamber action move up or down a distance up to height 2. In the following scenario; Grievous is in base contact with a height 2 building. Based on the rules as written, Grievous can perform a clamber for his first move action, triggering scale to reach the top of the height two building. He can then make a second move action once he is at the top of the height two building. This seems pretty clear. The question I have is in regards to a scenario where Grievous is not in base contact with the height two terrain. Assume Grievous’ first makes a standard move action at speed two, which places him in base contact places him in base contact with Height two terrain. Per the scale rule, Grievous can perform a free clamber action. However, this would not be sufficient to reach the top of the height two building. The RRG also says however that scale can trigger before or after a move action. As written, does Scale allow Grievous to: Move Speed 2 to get in base contact > clamber (scale) > clamber (scale) > Move Speed 2 > End activation Or, is Grievous required to: Move Speed 2 > clamber (action) > clamber (scale) > End activation. Thanks in advance
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