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Found 15 results

  1. When playing Nick Fury in Separation Anxiety, who is your opponent for the purposes of Last Line of Defense?
  2. Hi, Quick question: when a symbiote token is moved by the Creepy Crawley Goo next to a character that already has a symbiote token, after the damage/power/card drawing has been resolved, would the symbiote token on the battlefield be removed, or would it stay where it is?
  3. In separation anxiety or other multi-person, non-1v1 formats does Killmonger need to play usurp the throne on the highest threat on the board or could it be against the highest threat on one enemy’s team? For example I wanted to go after 4 threat model on opponent team A, 4 is the highest on A. Does opponent team B having a 5 threat mean I can’t do that?
  4. My apologies if the answer seems obvious, but there was a disagreement that arrived in regard to the effects of Sonic Rifle while playing Separation Anxiety and I would like to use the reply to this post as a reference to resolve the debate. When using Sonic Rifle, does the attack place the symbiote tokens that was dropped as a result of Forced Separation being triggered? For example the symbiote token drops within range 2 of the target holding it as a result of Forced Separation, and then when all attacks have been resolved, if the symbiote token happens to be under where the range 5 template was initially placed, it may be placed within 2 range of the location where it was dropped. Is this correct? If part 1 is correct then does the attacking character resolve all symbiote token placement, or is the movement done based on priority as stated under the Creepy Crawly Goo rule? Can the symbiote attach to a character after it is placed by the Sonic Rifle if it ends within range 1 of a character as per the Creepy Crawly Goo rule, or does it need to be the Cleanup Phase specifically for this part of the rule to take effect?
  5. It wasn't made completely clear in the above thread; when a character holding a Sonic Rifle is KO'd, what happens? Does the rifle go into the symbiote discard pile (to be reshuffled if needed later) or does it leave the game with the character who was holding it? Related, if a Symbiote token is dropped during an attack from the Sonic Rifle (either due to the Forced Separation rule or due to the target character becoming dazed/KO'd) if it is dropped to a location that is under the range tool, is it moved along with the tokens that were already there?
  6. For the Creepy Crawly Goo rule of Separation Anxiety, during the cleanup phase, can a single Symbiote be moved more than once? Does each player just move one, or do you continue taking turns moving them until all of them have been moved?
  7. Can a character in Separation Anxiety interact with a Canister while they have a symbiote? If so, what happens in the (probably very likely) event that they draw a new symbiote card?
  8. If a symbiote attaches to a character through creepy crawly goo and they don't already have a symbiote, do they draw a symbiote card? Or do they just get the token and no card/bonus?
  9. Just wanted to double check something regarding a symbiote that has been dropped due to a character being dazed. The only way to collect a dropped symbiotes is via the creepy crawly goo rule and it is not possible to interact to pick it up?
  10. Would well laid plans work for characters that have symbiotes or the beacon? (Assuming yes) Would well laid plans work on characters holding sonic rifles? (Assuming no)
  11. For the purpose of Crime Syndicate, Quicksilver, Enchantress, Mission Objective and Toad, Are the symbiotes and sonic rifles considered asset tokens that can be freely moved around by these characters abilities and tactic cards ?
  12. Hellou hellou Playing the event kit we came into a doubt which is; What happen if there are no more symbiotes tokens? - Does the player cannot get a symbiote card and for scoring he does not score since there are no more token - Or does he receive a symbiote card and score points regardless of the token?
  13. I understand that when someone is dazed or KO’d that the symbiote leaves them based on the sonic rifle topic that Pagani answered… however i cannot find that in the rules of the event… can you please point me to where i can locate that rule for reference?
  14. In the separation anxiety encounter is the Sonic rifle a one-time use Or does it go into the discard pile once used?
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