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Found 12 results

  1. Does the Shadow War ability to reroll skulls only for the leadership reroll or all rerolls? Example: If Task Master attacks a character contesting an objective and rolls 3 hits and 2 skulls. 1st uses the shadow war ability to reroll one of the skulls into a hit. Lets say an allied Baron Zemo is next to Task Master allowing another reroll. Can Task Master reroll the other skull? Also, if Task Master is defending against an attack and Baron Zemo is next to him. Could Task Master reroll a defense die skull with the reroll allowed by Baron Zemo? Similar to above, if Task Master is attacking a character NOT holding or contesting an objective and Baron Zemo is next to him. Could Task Master reroll a attack die skull with the reroll allowed by Baron Zemo?
  2. Shadowland Daredevil targets an enemy Ghost Spider that is within range 2 of a a Hand ninja, Ghost Spider plays Fall Back and moves outside of range two of the Hand Ninja. Does Shadowland Daredevil still get 2 extra dice in the attack roll?
  3. If Darkstar is splashed with Shadowlands Daredevil or Web Warriors can her "Darkforce Strike" attack reroll skulls?
  4. does SLDD leadership allow rerolls when opponent is next to the evac point on researcher and the empty safe houses on senators? I guess the real question is are those objectives and being contested?
  5. Can Shadowlands Daredevil’s leadership be used to reroll the skull to not gain the stagger? Has there is not timing mentioned on the card.
  6. With Shadow War on top of the one attack die reroll can you reroll all skulls?
  7. Montesi Books is written as so: A character holding a spell book may use the following attack once per turn. Is once per turn for the character or the book itself? Wound Ninjas be able to use the book, KO themselves and hand off the book to Elektra / DD and during the parents activation within the same turn, would the parents be able to use the book also ? Or did the book get used for the turn already? Similarly with Corvus and Proxima or Crossbones and Sin, if they are holding one book and they mission objective and double activate, would each character be able use the same book during the same turn? Lastly Corvus and Proxima / Sin and Bones with 2 different books double activate, can they each use their separate books they are each holding during the same turn?
  8. I read the rules, and searched the forms. Just want to clear some stuff up incase its not clear 1. Deployment - Are grunts deployed like a normal character at the start of the game? (so within 3 of board edge, anywhere on the controlling players board edge, or within "X" of parent model? 2. Deployment - When can/are grunts deployed? Anytime before start of game? When you set up the first potential parent, at that same time do you set up the grunt? (set down two models at one "turn" of placement? OR place parent, then oppenent goes, then "have" to place grunt? 3. Activation of grunts - So got that first selected parent dictates when grunts go, but do grunts get two actions like everyone else, or only one? 4. Can SLDD and Elektra benfit from the hand ninja's being within range two of them for their big spender attacks? So lets say Elektra starts on her turn, hand ninjas make an attack of two, pending above question, and then she goes, has power to use Impale and is within range, gets 10 die attack. Then oppenent goes, then SLDD goes and is within range 2 of the hand Ninja's, can he also add 2 dice to his Demon's Devastation attack? Shuriken Arashi Tactic Card - The ideal setup for this is to move the Hand ninja's into range, but still within range two of SLDD, to maximize the short movement of the target. If the targeted character moves out of range and there are no other targets, does this attack just fail, or can another action be selected in its place?
  9. Is the Vanish trigger on the healthy version of Demon's Devestation meant to have SL Daredevil placed within range 2 of his current position, or within range 2 of the target? The ability does not specify what to place him within range 2 of.
  10. If you have both SLDD and Elektra on the board, and a hand Ninjas Grunt is already out on the board, do the grunts have to activate with whichever parent you activate FIRST, or can you decide when to activate them with your choice parent? Example: SLDD, Elektra, and hand ninjas are all on the board. If I want to activate SLDD with the ninjas, but decide to activate Elektra first, do the Ninjas HAVE to activate with Elektra first, even though I'd want them to activate them when SLDD activates later in the turn?
  11. If I use Shuriken Arashi and my opponent chooses to move to try and get cover behind let's say a size 3 building. If I have powered up Green Goblin ready to blow up that building with Trick or Treat. Does he have the window of opportunity to blow it up before creating the dice pool of Shuriken Arashi, making it a 10 dice attack?
  12. I’m just looking for clarification on Ninja Grunt activations if you bring both Shadowlands Daredevil and Electra. If both Parent characters and their Ninjas are on the battlefield - and the ninjas activate before the parent characters does this mean -> Ninjas activate followed by Daredevil then they are done- -> then they get to activate AGAIN before Electra would later that round- or are they done after their first activation regardless of having two parent characters on the field? I’ve heard several interpretations. Another interpretation is that Grunts go, then both their parent characters go as a long chain of activations. I just want to play them as intended. Thanks much
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