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Found 7 results

  1. A strange situation came up during one of my recent games. On my turn I activated Venom, moved him into range of Miles Morale, and then played Siege of Darkness; Venom was one of the characters to pay the cost. I target Miles with the attack and as I target him, my opponent uses Ghost-Spider's Life Saver to pull Miles out of Venom's range, so the attack ends. However, Life Saver states that "If it is the attacker's activation, and the attack did not target multiple characters, they may make another action". It was Venoms activation, and his attack only targeted Miles, and the superpower doesn't specify that it has to be an attack that came from an attack action. So which of the following would happen? Venom does not get to make another action Venom gets to make another action, but it has to be an attack Venom gets to make another action, and it can be any action Something else We went with 2, but Venom wasn't in range of anyone else so it didn't matter.
  2. Quick question. We are playing the Infinity Gauntlet Ultimate Encounter. One player has a squad of Midnight Sons and another has a squad of Defenders. The player with Midnight Sons uses a MS character, say Blade, to activate the Siege of Darkness tactic card which allows all their MS characters to take a free attack. Does that also mean that any MS characters on the Defenders affiliated squad would also get a free attack? Even though, for that scenario, they are affiliated with the Defenders and not Midnight Sons. Thanks and have a great day! Shayne
  3. Quick question. Can you use a team tactic card, like Siege of Darkness, and have it affect an already activated character. For example, Blade is activated but Moon Knight uses the card (all characters paying the appropriate cost) so both him and Wong can attack. Would Blade also get an attack, even though he's already been activated that round? Thanks and have a great day!
  4. Say somone plays siege of darkness or wakanda forever for their respective affiliations, would there be a time in-between each characters' attacks to activate a tactics card like seeing red if a character is dazed or KO'd? Or even a reactive super power like Venom's So many snacks? I assume so, but wanted to double check.
  5. Midnight Sons vs Black Order. My turn (MS) i play Siege of Darkness and attack with Blade first, Blade KOs Corvus Glaive, my opponent (BO) plays Blood to Spare for Corvus while i still have Baron Zemo to attack with, Corvus attacks Zemo and KOs him. The question is did that play out correct or would i finish all of my attacks with Siege of Darkness before opponent can play Blood to Spare or did the events occure correctly but Zemo would still get his attacks from Siege before recieving the KO?
  6. If you have Mystique on the board in your Midnight Sons' team, and it is her activation, and during her activation you play the TTC Siege of Darkness, does Mystique's Shapeshifter superpower take effect? Siege of Darkness reads: "Active - Any number of Midnight Sons characters may spend 2 Power each to play this card. Each character that spend Power may immediately perform an attack with a Power cost of 0." Mystique's Shapeshifter reads: "During this character's activation, enemy characters cannot use Reactive Superpowers or Reactive Team Tactics Cards." So, when the Midnight Sons characters preform their free attacks from Siege of Darkness, it would technically be Mystique's activation, so then each attack made by any Midnight Sons characters that paid Power to do it would then be able to ignore Reactive Superpowers and TTCs?
  7. When playing Wakanda Forever/Siege of Darkness do all characters need to pay the cost upfront before the attacks happen or do they pay individually and attacks happen before then next character that wants to use the card pays for the attack.
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