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Found 18 results

  1. Montesi Books is written as so: A character holding a spell book may use the following attack once per turn. Is once per turn for the character or the book itself? Wound Ninjas be able to use the book, KO themselves and hand off the book to Elektra / DD and during the parents activation within the same turn, would the parents be able to use the book also ? Or did the book get used for the turn already? Similarly with Corvus and Proxima or Crossbones and Sin, if they are holding one book and they mission objective and double activate, would each character be able use the same book during the same turn? Lastly Corvus and Proxima / Sin and Bones with 2 different books double activate, can they each use their separate books they are each holding during the same turn?
  2. 1) Game is played on a C secure 2) Mysterio is not contesting the middle Secure, Sin is contesting the left Secure 3) Red Mayhem rolls Leadership on the left Secure and rolls a hit 4) Enemy characters is moved with the leadership 5) Enemy character is moved away, and into range 3 of Mysterio 6) Mysterio triggers Traps and Tricks doing 1 damage 7) Mysterio moves and is now contesting the middle Secure. Does that mean that now the Sin leadership is rolled for the middle contest or would that be rolled somewhere before Mysterio would reach it?
  3. Sin's leadership has a 2 part trigger. Could we choose which part trigger first or choose not to trigger the push and try to go for the drop objective token part. Or can we choose not to trigger the leadership at all.
  4. Hi AMG, Just want to clarify - Red Mayhem's second effect rolls a die for each enemy character holding an Asset token within 2 of an Allied character. Dazed characters can’t move or be moved for any reason, can’t be targeted by attacks or be affected by special rules or superpowers, can’t make attacks or play Team Tactic cards, don’t have superpowers, never contribute to scoring conditions and cannot activate during the Activation Phase. Does this mean Red Mayhem's second ability is triggered by dazed Allies?
  5. When a character on an objective triggers Red Mayhem, is that character ignored when resolving the push? In other words: Can the pushed character move through the character that triggered Red Mayhem?
  6. If Sin's push from her leadership is triggered and results in pushing an opposing players models away from the researcher during the clean up phase, would the remaining Sin player's model remaining on the Researcher be considered as securing the the Researcher for the purposes of moving the Researcher during the following Power Phase.
  7. Hi! Can the use of superpowers like "Husband/Wife of" of Próxima/Corvus respectively, or Sin's "Partners in Crime", grant you more than the maximum three activations you can use during the turn of the Crisis Team? (meaning, what happens if during my third activation in a row I activate one of this characters, and try to play this superpower? would I gain a "fourth" additional activation?) Thanks for the answer!
  8. Situation: Sin has the Judgement Special Condition Gains 1, or more, Damage from an Enemy Attack Does sin gain 1, or Zero power?
  9. Hi! How triggers Sin's hit and run with rapid fire? I mean, if i use hit and run, what would be the order? attack-hit and run-rapid fire? or attack-rapid fire-hit and run? Thanks!!
  10. Are civilians asset tokens? Are they affected by sins leadership ability?
  11. Hello, How do we trigger Rapid fire from Sin Automatic Pistol. There isn't any symbol on the car before the effect description, does mean it always trigger under any dice rolls results ?
  12. The first part of Red Mayhem says to 'roll a die for each objective token contested..' Can I confirm that extract tokens are also 'objective tokens' and that the rules for contesting affect all 'objective tokens' including extract tokens and interact secures?
  13. Is it possible to get official word that Sin's Automatic Pistol should be a 0 power cost attack? It doesn't seem to have been put in the errata/FAQ as of her release, which suggests the 4 power cost is accurate.
  14. If Sin activates, uses 2 actions, plays all you've got, uses 2 actions, uses Partners in Crime and plays Follow Me on Proxima. Can I then activate Proxima (Follow Me says "The chosen character immediately activates") after playing all you've got that was played "at the end of its (Sins) activation", play Proximas full activation with Wife of Corvus Glaive that says "may activate before your turn ends" (same wording as Partners in Crime) to then have Corvus and Crossbones activate which would give me essentially 5 activations between my opponents activations (Sin, Sin, Proxima, Corvus, Crossbones)?
  15. During the cleanup phase, after scoring VPs, how is the order of Sins leadership ability triggers determined? Reading order? Priority player’s choice? Controlling players choice? Something else entirely?
  16. Does a dazed character still count as being with range 2 for the purposes of Sin’s leadership, specifically the extract part: dazed models can’t contest so it clearly doesn’t apply to the secure part?
  17. Does the Roll for contesting an objective trigger for each of your characters on that token or only one?
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